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Saturday, July 21

...and Another Motivation...

So…I was just asked an hour to be a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding! My first reaction was, “are you sure, aren’t I kinda old?” Even though I did ask this same cousin to stand up to my wedding 10 years ago, I didn’t want this to be an obligatory choice on her part, I am not one who keeps score on these things. She assured me that yes, she was serious, and that’s when I spilled the beans to yet another person about getting LB.

My cousin said, “I don’t care what size you are, I still want you.” That made me feel really special, but in my mind I was thinking….I could really be thin[er] by May 4, and that made me feel very excited. What’s more is that my daughter was asked to be the flower girl so we will be in the wedding together which means A LOT of family photos.

On my forum, they talk a lot about non-scale-victories…you know,  the little things that keep you motivated aside from the numbers on the scale. It would be a huge NSV for me to feel great in the bridesmaid dress my cousin picks. I don’t even care what size it is, I want to feel awesome, and I know that by May I can get there =)

I don’t know what I will even do with myself if this doesn’t work out; I have laid all my chips out on the LB roulette.

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