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Thursday, July 19

Baby Steps still Get You There...

Today I met with my PCP to touch base about how things were going. As always I am very nervous going into these appointments because I am afraid of being told that actually I’m not a good candidate after all, or that the side effects will make me miserable. As usual though, I felt good after my appointment, always reassured that I am doing the right thing. My health has been steady, and so has my weight, which is a good thing. Everything is showing what I need it too and that is that I will benefit from this surgical tool.

Because I only have six more weeks under the dietitian’s watch, the doctor sent over the referral to the Bariatric Center and said that I could expect to hear from them in the next few weeks or call them myself in early August. I know that I still have a few more hurdles to jump, but I am getting somewhere and am feeling so positive that this is really going to happen!

I have only told a select few friends, and this is a topic that comes up on the forum quite a bit too. Many people want this success to be their little secret. They are afraid people will judge their choice or feel like they gave up and took an easy route. Other people I have talked to feel like you can’t deny what’s going on and that you will have more support if you are honest with those around you.  I’m feeling like I will be ready to post my decision on Facebook once I know FOR SURE that I have the insurance approval and that a surgery date is on the calendar. Right now, I’m only in my first trimester of this journey, and I don’t want to jinx myself. But that’s just me being a superstitious Sicilian Girl.

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