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Saturday, July 28

LAS VEGAS - Part 1

To celebrate or 10-year wedding anniversary, my husband and I flew out to the place where we had our honeymoon….Las Vegas. It wasn’t just our ages or the strip that had changed in the past 10 years though, we were different too.

The first time we went to Vegas, I had just turned 24 and Brad was almost 23. We were two new college graduates who had never been anywhere just the two of us. My husband picked the Luxor hotel because he thought it would be “cool” and we had a corner suite with a Jacuzzi tub in it. Looking back, I see now that what we were doing was “playing roles” of the new Mr. and Mrs. We would leave the hotel early, walking the strip, not wanting to miss any of the casinos on the way. We went to see one (bad) boobie show, and also got to see Sigfried and Roy before Roy’s own tiger mauled him and they went dark.  The trip was fun, but because of our hectic schedule to see it all, we were somewhat going through the motions and not really living in the moment.

This time was very different. First of all, we had discussed before we headed out that we were not going to worry about going to every casino. My husband wanted to golf, and I wanted to read 50 Shades of Grey by the pool. We both wanted to hear some live music and drink many a cocktail. We were going to just arrive and see which shows inspired us. And more than anything, we wanted to try out the all-you-can-eat 24-hour buffet pass good at 6 locations.

So that is what we did this time. We relaxed in the room with no agenda. My husband was able to get two rounds of golf in. I finished the first Shades book and made it through half of the second book, which was truly inspiring if you will with no kids to knock on doors in the middle of the afternoon. We lounged in the pool people watching and drinking cocktails in plastic cups, and we sang and danced to all of our favorite songs. We saw Hugh Hefner’s ex-gal Holly Madison in Peepshow, saw one of our favorite Black Comedians Eddie Griffin, and also saw a hybrid showing of Phantom of the Opera which was Vegasized. Because of our relaxed state, we were able to really enjoy each other more than we had been able to in a while. We both agreed that this trip was far better than our real honeymoon.

On the last day, our last time in the big walk in shower, steam fogging everywhere, is when I cried. This trip symbolized a great milestone for us. 10 years had come and gone. We had both grown-up and were different. We both now had different dreams and different fears. And we were proving that we both loved each other more and more with each passing day.

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