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Sunday, July 29

LAS VEGAS - Part 2

So this is the part where I talk about what you are really wondering about which was the FOOD in Las Vegas. Let’s just say that it was an eating frenzy. This was a double edged sword for me because although I knew it was all going to blow me up like a balloon, I felt like this vacation was a last hurrah in many ways…what dieters call  the last supper.

As a run down, we ate everything from heaping piles of nachos that should be illegal with all the people that are starving right now, to Japanese Hibachi, brick-oven pizzas, bacon cheeseburgers, chili-cheese fries, hotdogs, burritos, and of course BUFFETS BUFFETS BUFFETS.

We ate at a total of four buffets during out stay, each one progressively getting better and better. The draw of course is that you can eat as much as you want for the low price of 45 dollars…assuming you go within a 24 hour window. Also, 6 casinos were included in the deal. Now you might be wondering how you could get the MOST bang for your buck and this is how you do it as I learned on a website specifically designed to help you save the most money possible in Las Vegas.

Buffet 1 happens for a late lunch/early dinner, about 3 o’clock. For this one we went to Harrah’s which by far was the worst one. The selection was not good, and the food itself was sub-par.

Buffet 2 is the late dinner about 8 o’clock at the Paris Hotel. I am in my white faux-Wedding dress, white heels, white purse, and headband with birdcage veil and people are congratulating me left and right, it was hysterical. The food at this buffet was solid, including braised lamb, roast beef, and truffle mac and cheese.

Buffet 3 happens the following morning for breakfast. My husband was out golfing and left me to my own demise at the hotel, so of course I went down to the buffet in our own hotel, the Flamingo, since it was “free”. The buffet was classic breakfast foods including sausage, bacon, eggs, Eggs Benedict, hashbrowns, pancakes, omelet bar, etc. I sit there so long reading my book that by the time I leave they also have tamales, taquitos, and lunch choices.

Buffet 4 is late lunch at the Rio. If you have ever been to Vegas you know that this is the most famous and impressive buffet to offer and rightfully so. They had EVERYTHING and by that I mean EVERYTHING. I’m talking corndogs to sushi, pizza to coq a vin. A buffet eater’s paradise. My husband and I sat there for two and  a half hours, talking, relaxing, bs-ing on our phones, etc. While we sat there I brought up something that has been bothering me. Something that we have already talked about but that is heavy on my heart.

Me: Will you still love me when I can’t eat at buffets anymore?

Him: Duh.

Me: No really. We will have to avoid buffets. We will have to find some way to celebrate with one another without food being the center.

Him: Okay.

Me: Simple as that?

Him: Yes.

Me: I dunno, it’s what I worry about most. Not that I won’t be able to eat a lot. That WE won’t be able to eat a lot together.

Him: Good thing we came here now then, before your surgery.

And there you have it. I take a deep breath and breathe a sigh of relief. I had been so regretful that I was going to my 10-year trip fat, that I didn’t have the balls to get banded sooner, that I was coming here to gorge myself in the name of celebration. But we can’t turn back the hands of time, we can only go forward.  We can’t regret the choices we have made in the past, good or bad. It is what it is.

For the remainder of the trip I had a different more relaxed attitude toward our meals.  I had already committed to making a change and get banded, but we were already there, saying good-bye to the first ten years of marriage, and saying hello to the next ten times infinity. No turning back.

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