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Thursday, July 12

Why Star Jones??

Why Star Jones?

I have been addicted to a website that I found online for people who are at all stages of Lap-Band surgery. Recently, a woman posted about going on vacation with friends who don’t know that she had been recently banded and asked how she was going to keep up the fa├žade with her not being able to eat or drink even close to the amounts of the other ladies.

I commented to her that she should be proud of her decision to make some positive changes in her life and be honest. Still, this got me wondering, what would be the reasons to keep having a LB a secret?

For me, I feel like it took everything I have to find the courage to start working with my doctor towards a LB. I want my friends and family to know because I think if anything it will make social gatherings easier. I don’t know about the family you were born to, but mine would be skeptical if I wasn’t eating up, and certainly would think I was sick with the plague if I just suddenly started avoiding meals.  I think if anything, my announcing I have a LB will become my “excuse” to keep pushy and nosey family members off my back.

As far as friends go, I don’t know if the phrase ‘misery loves company’ is to blame but I happen to have many friends who are also weight-strugglers. Why would I invent odd reasons to be eating healthier when my friends may be on the fence with their own decision toward a LB? I want to inspire people, not make them think that I was somehow able to just turn my shit around on my own with no help.

Luckily for me, those I have already told have been very positive. No one has yet to try and change my mind, and I think the main reason is because I won’t let them. In fact, a few of my friends have even admitted they are jealous of me. This is a crazy thing in my opinion, I’m not winning the lottery here people I am just fed up with attempts to lose weight on my own!

I am not Star Jones. I could give a flying fuck who knows the truth. I am not doing this because I am a sell-out but because I need help. I am not doing this to wear a trendy string bikini but because I want to play ‘Twister’ with my kids. I am not doing this because I don’t know that a chicken breast is healthier than a BigMac but because I need a daily reminder not to eat one.  I’m too old to wear a rubber band around my wrist and snap it to keep me in line, I’m trying to install one around my stomach instead.

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