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Tuesday, September 11

Phase 2!!!

Phase 1 complete!

Yesterday was my last appointment with the dietitian which means I have finished Phase 1 of having Lap Band surgery. I am officially documented and ready to go! I remember back at Easter time thinking that it was going to take forever to get to this point and yet, here I am signed, sealed, and delivered to the Bariatric Treatment Center. From the jump, it always seems that time is going to take forever; from the splash you realize that it seemed like no time at all. This was one of the “Aha” moments that I had to start this journey. I know that I am going to wake up one day,  be in my forties, and wish that I had taken care of this shit in my mid-thirties. Wish no more future me…I’m doing it!

I have also started telling more and more people. It just seems to come up. I have never been an overly private person and I know that the more people around me that know the truth the more accountable I will be overall. I have found that I am getting three main reactions from my family and friends:

1.       You are so LUCKY!! I ENVY you!   (Half of my overweight friends)

2.       Wow. I could never give up gorging on Brazilian Buffet just to be thin. (The other half of my overweight friends)

3.       Oh. Okay. (Non-overweight family and friends)

The good news is no one has said that I’m crazy, ruining my life, or making a terrible decision. I mean, I have made this commitment come hell or high water so there is no way I’m backing down now, but no one needs to hear negative things when they are making a life-changing decision.

I now have the referral to see the surgeon and I CAN’T WAIT. I have talked to others that have used him as well as Googled him and have gotten a lot of positive feedback. I’m just so happy to finally be entering Phase 2!! Bring on the sleep study! Bring on the psych evaluation!! BRING ON THE LAP BAND!!!

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  1. WooHoo! It's a great feeling isn't it?!? Just wait here before too long you'll be banded and you will think "Wow, that went fast!" It's amazing how it feels like it's going to take forever then one day BAM! You have the frikken lap-band! ;)