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Thursday, October 11

Ten Things Thursday

(Apparently in Blogger World this is what all the cool kids are doing…)

1.       Today a Kindergarten student looked at my school ID and said, “Who is that?”…  “It’s me!” I said back… “Oh, well the person in the picture is skinny.”  Well said, Kindergartener.

2.       I have decided that since I was able to basically stop altogether my acid reflux but not eating crap at night before bedtime,  that is just one more reason I can trust myself to eat right with the band, because I will not want to have to become a PB aficionado.

3.       I am sitting here watching Cong. Ryan get schooled by VP Biden and I have to say, regardless of what side you are on, it’s quite the comedy show. Malarkey!

4.       Even more fun than watching the debate is watching the status updates that go up on Facebook during the debate.

5.       Found on Pinterst…


6.       My love/hate relationship with McDonald’s continues to grow. Why does it have to be so convenient? Why does it have to have new pumpkin milkshakes?? Why does it have to have MONOPOLY?? I feel like shit after I eat it and then I think, hot damn I just won a medium fry!!

7.       Next Tuesday I have my psychiatric appointment. I guess my appointment is covered by my insurance by its $50 for them to write the letter saying I am sane enough to have surgery. Really? How about I write the letter and you just sign it? How about you just type up the notes and e-mail them over? How much is the fax being sent? 50 cents? I would go apeshit over this BS but then I won’t look sane enough for surgery.

8.       I just added “apeshit” to my spell check.

9.       My back is killing me and my husband is working late so he can’t facilitate the back massager for me. =(

10.    This list was harder to come up with than I thought.


  1. #5 clearly didn't work out the way I wanted it to.

  2. Love your 10 things! - Stay away from mc ds! Taco bell has some better - low cal cheaper options - thats where I head in a pinch!

  3. Good luck with the insurance hoops, they suck, I know...I just finished quite a few months of "hoops" and I was approved (you will be, too). My surgery is Tuesday! Blogging really helped me tolerate the wait and I learned so much during that time.