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Thursday, January 31


On April 10, 2012, I had the courage to make an appointment with my Primary Care Physician and ask to start the process for Lap-Band surgery.

On October 2, 2012, I finally met the surgeon for the first time and got a long list of required appointments.

On January 18, 2013, I received a letter stating I was approved for surgery by my insurance.

And……drum roll please…..

On March 4, 2013, I will have my surgery, and start my new life.

This is happening, it is really happening. I have so many mixed emotions about it and I CAN’T WAIT to see how it changes my life. So many people are asking me if I’m scared, or nervous. I am so far beyond being worried about the hard, long journey ahead, and so excited to get a second chance at my life.

For the record, here are a few of the <superficial> things I am nervous about…

1.      Having my last hurrahs at my favorite gorging locations. Right now I am waiting for a packet from my Surgeon with my instructions from here on out. I know I will have to start my pre-op diet on or around Feb 18 which means I only have three weeks left to get my money’s worth a the neighborhood Hibachi Grill.

2.      My husband gifted me a multi-appointment spa day for Christmas (I wanted to fucking kill him for spending that kind of money) and I’m debating if I should use it before or after the procedure. Do I want to de-stress before the surgery, or reward myself for having the surgery, say in the late spring sometime?

3.      My kids understanding why mom is having a shamrock shake with a birthday candle in it instead of a real birthday cake this year. (Add turning 35 to that)

4.      That I will force myself to REST after the procedure and not try to do too much too soon. Like going up and down the stairs 75 times a day after my c-sections.

5.      That my substitute can hold the fort down for me at school until I get back.  (Because I am a control freak).

I don’t know how I am going to survive the next 31 days….

Wednesday, January 9

Soap Box, Volume 1

Soap Box Warning!

….first of many I’m sure….

Why is it so damn difficult for people in professional positions to do simple jobs?

As you have heard me say over and over, I am waiting for my file to be completed so I can get the approval from the HMO. I was under the impression that my appointment yesterday with the pulmonary doctor was my last piece but it turns out he had already submitted my letter weeks earlier..…so…..hmmm….what exactly HAVE I been waiting for??

As soon as I left his office, which coincidentally is also in the hospital, I walked down to Bariatrics and asked for a file update. The secretary handed me a card with a number to call which is in the office about ten feet behind her. Confused I said, “When I call this number you don’t answer, right?” She assured me that was the number I needed to call and I did so as            I walked out.

It turns out that the pieces that were missing from my file that they were still waiting for were the letter from the Psychiatrist, my Primary Care Physician’s letter, and my lab results. Really?...........REALLY???

Here is where I got all batshit crazy and went all Dago.

It was made VERY clear to me that all of my result pieces were to be faxed over to the Bariatric center once completed and that I had to be VERY clear with each of the supporting doctors about this. In early December I received a letter from the Psych stating that they sent my letter to the wrong person (HOW?? WHY??) and that I needed to re-sign my form so that it could be sent in properly. I did get a hold of the Psychiatrist now after finding out why it hadn’t been sent in yet and she assured me that it would be taken care of. On January 8th. Why thank you, so glad I had to call you and pressure you to do so. While you are working though a pile on your desk, I am WAITING for my file to be sent in so I can start my NEW LIFE! I took care of this shit in OCTOBER!  (FYI, today it still had not been faxed in yet, I am fuming!)

Secondly, my labs were also taken care of back in November and there is NO REASON why they should still be missing or not submitted. I am working with doctors that are all in the same group for Christ’s sake, why can’t they communicate properly? (Or here’s an idea…check the computer) And my Primary Care Doctor’s letter? Really? I couldn’t have been clearer about what I needed and where to send it had I done it myself. JUST FOLLOW THE DAMN DIRECTIONS!! (They have now found it by the way.)

So more phone calls today nagging the Psych and “friendly remaindering” her to fax in the damn form already (fingers and toes crossed!!) and….drum roll please….my file will be completed and sent over to HMO by next week. I am still hoping, dreaming, praying, wishing, and everything else possible that surgery  can and WILL happen by my spring break in March.

Moral of the story. No one else cares as much about what you want to accomplish but you. NO ONE.

Sad, really.