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Thursday, February 28


For the love of God people, stop spending so much time acting appalled every time you hear someone drop the f-bomb and teach your children not to call people FAT. That is the true F-word.

Today was my last day teaching before my medical leave and the memory I was left with was a Kindergartener saying me and another teacher have something in common, we are both FAT! I know I need to consider the source, it is a 5-year-old with an IEP, but still that shit cuts like a knife. I don’t know why it is so easy for parents to pretend that they don’t know where their child is hearing profanity, but why it is so hard to teach them to never say someone is fat. That is one of the most offensive things you can call someone, in my opinion. To say someone is fat is to say they have given up, that they are lazy and unattractive and LESS of a person because of their size. It is a discrimination against a culture of people no different than racism and it is UGLY. Pardon my French, but I am going on record by saying I would rather my 5 and 7-year old tell someone to fuck off before they tell someone they are fat.  

The joke is on you, Kindergartener, (inappropriate snicker), because this girl isn’t going to be fat for long.

This week I had my final pre-op appointments with my surgeon and my primary care doc. They ordered a bunch of lab work such as an EKG, blood draw, and a chest x-ray.  I have never had a problem getting blood drawn  (although the prerequisite pregnancy test caused some fun banter back at home)  and the worst part of the EKG was that it was freezing and I had to strip down from the  waist up. The least they can do if they are going to ask someone to lay on the table with their girls out is to install a space heater for that shit.

And I’m REALLY not going to complain about the chest x-ray because the tech was super hot. He had fair hair and eyes like I like….and was tan…..and had a foreign accent.  In fact, I think I feel some bronchitis coming on…cough, cough.

So here we are. Work is done. Labs are done. Appointments are done. Hair dye, eyebrow waxing, and pedicure are all done. All that is left is a mad cleaning of the house, getting the kids ready for the next week of school-like business as usual, and packing my bag for my overnight to include but not be limited to the new Twilight movie, and Ellen Degeneres’ latest comedy memoir.


  1. I often use "fat" to describe myself because I think of it as a simple descriptive term, and I guess I'm trying to reclaim it instead of using a lot of euphemisms. "Overweight" seems just as bad to me, or "heavy," or any of the other terms we tend to use. Mostly I use "big." But you are absolutely right that for most people it is loaded with all those judgments and criticisms, so I may be fighting a losing battle! I'd never use it to someone else unless I knew they were comfortable with it. However, for a 5-year-old, I'd guess it's still mostly a simple observation, like saying someone is tall or short or has brown hair. So don't let it hurt you.

    Good luck with the surgery!