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Monday, February 18

Hunger Games

Today was the big day that I started my 2 week pre-op diet. Supposedly, the two week diet serves more than one purpose. It is primarily designed to be a rapid weight loss program so that your liver will shrink and be less fatty for surgery since it has to be “picked up with a little shovel”  (– and I quote my Nutritionist, Kara) through one of the four holes during the laparoscopy.  Also, your body needs to start detoxing from caffeine, fat and carbs BEFORE the surgery so when you get back home you aren’t suffering from coffee extra cream deprivation.  Lastly, the lower your overall weight and BMI, the better outcome of everything from the anesthesia to the recovery so less is more in this case, so to speak.

My diet for the two weeks is as follows:  Shake for breakfast, Shake for lunch, , and then a sensible dinner. I feel like I owe SlimFast a damned royalty for reciting their commercial, but truly that’s what it is. My shakes are not SlimFast, but rather New Directions brand that I had to purchase at the Hospital. Today I sampled strawberry for breakfast, which brought back memories of Strawberry Quick, and chocolate for lunch, blended to perfection in the Magic Bullet. The chocolate shake was far superior but really both were just fine.

….Until hunger hit me like nobody’s business at 5pm. And I mean REAL hunger, not just the I’m bored and dinner isn’t for another hour so I’ll eat this bag of Doritos hunger. I look through my info packet hoping I missed something and low and behold, I am also supposed to be drinking 64 oz of water as well as drinking shakes. The only liquid I had all day was half of a large McD’s iced tea, which is zero calories I am happy to report… oops. After replenishing with a vitamin water, I felt much better, and it tided me over until I could eat my salad for dinner.

All things said and done, today was a victory. It was NOT easy by any means, but I did it, and my adorable Hubs, the man that he is, took my son to Taco Bell to eat THERE so I didn’t have to be near kryptonite.

And forward we go…


  1. Good work! Getting through these two weeks will show you just how strong you are! I"m excited to be a new follower!