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Thursday, February 21

Shake it up, Baby!

Ten Things Thursday, Shake Edition

1.       Shake Day 4, shakes are a bore, I want to eat MORE!!

2.       To shake or not to shake, that is the question….but not an option for me for the next 10 days.

3.       I will say however……..there is more variety to the shakes than I had originally given them credit for.  I have had some shaken (not stirred), some blended with ice, one with added veggies warmed up like a soup (chicken flavor), and hot cocoa style today for breakfast.  In fact, I have yet to repeat a “recipe”.

4.      There are actual recipes for weight loss shakes. No shit. You can add mint extract, or hot sauce (no frickin joke my nutritionist recommended this to me and it really spices things up pun intended.) Also there is this new organic, all healthy, kinda creepy powdered peanut butter called PB2 that can be added to make Reese's flavor. Or add instant decaf coffee to make a Frappuccino.

5.      Apparent to everyone but me while I have been under my rock drinking shakes, there is a new dance craze out called the “Harlem Shake.” I find this both extremely amusing and eerily coincidental.

6.       1 <3 my Magic Bullet.

7.      The Chocolate Pudding flavor shake is really pudding and not a shake. Probably should have thought that one through before I shook it up with ice.

8.      I didn’t know it was physically possible for my body to hold so much liquid at a time. I am going to dominate our next road trip!
9.  I am thinking of putting together a shake insprired playlist for my iPod to include but not be limited to "Shake it up Baby Now," "Shake, Shake, Shake Your Booty," "Hippie, Hippie Shake," "Shake, Rattle, and Roll," and my all time fav Eminem's "Shake that Ass for Me."

10.   I am effing starving right now.


  1. so thankful that I did not have to do a shake diet pre-op. It will be over before you know it :) keep up the good work