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Wednesday, March 13

35 and ALIVE!

Today is my 35th birthday.  There are so many truths I have been able to establish in that short time and at the same time, so much I have yet to figure out. This birthday is nothing short of a miracle, as all birthdays are, I am happy to be healthy and alive, to have a beautiful family, to have a warm stable home, to have food and transportation, and to have so much support from family and friends. All that being said, I would like to propose a toast (roast?) to myself for a few things….
(I had all of about 4 spoonfuls of this shake and it was FABULOUS.)

1.       I am 35 and not at my goal weight. I was at my goal weight when I turned 30 vowing myself to never be overweight again, but we all see how that balloon popped.  But I am here. I am banded, and I am loosing again, and I have a second chance.  That’s all that matters today.  No Day But Today. (RENT is still my fav. Musical and always will be. End of story.)

2.       I am so lucky to have my friends and co-workers and a job that I love at a time when people are either working in jobs they hate or still eating their Mama’s spaghetti for dinner every night at home because they can’t find a job and move out. This month I am going to get pink slipped, and that’s stressful for anyone, but you know what, whatever happens (and of course I hope for a re-hire) it will be okay. If God wants me to keep influencing the youth of my community with the beautiful aesthetics of music then he will. If he wants me to follow my plan B and become a 911 dispatcher, he will shine the light there.

3.       I am so happy on this day that I got paid early because there is no school on Friday. Not only did I get paid on my birthday, but also I am home from work still “recovering” from my surgery a week and a half ago and therefore have the day off. So while the substitute was teaching my plans, I was able to go to the outlet mall. I dominated the Coach store today. God bless the USA.

4.       TWO of my facebook friends had babies today! On MY birthday! I hope those babies are as lucky as I have been in life. Even having a birthday on an “unlucky” number such as 13, has been pretty lucky. I’ve had my fair share of shit go down, but overall I can’t complain. I have always had what I needed, or been able to get what I needed. I have travelled to many different places. I graduated college and got a double major in BA and MRS. Yes, I have been MORE than lucky.

5.       As I type I am watching the white smoke! Not at home of course, I don’t roll like that, I mean the white smoke at the Vatican. A new Pope!! As a paper Catholic this is a very exciting event to happen. A new Pope on my birthday and as I watch the crowds and chaos in St. Peter’s square I remember how rich in beauty that place is. I haven’t been in years, but I remember the sense of peace that filled you as you walked amongst the other travelers and Nuns.  As open-minded and liberal as I am, I am still proud of my heritage and the rich traditions which are founded in my family’s homeland. I also remember having to buy a pair of nylon pants from a vagabond for 10 bucks because you couldn’t wear shorts in the church, but that is neither here nor there.

So Happy Birthday to me, and to everyone else who’s birthday is today.  Have some cake for me while I sip on my shake. Blow out your candles and make a wish. And I hope your dreams come true.


  1. LOL...I have pictures of me in vagabond pants going into Vatican City!!! Hilarious!

  2. The kicker was Tina that there were four of us and we bought one pair of pants that only fit me at the make a long story short it was good we had been inside already once before.