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Sunday, March 17

St. Puree Day!!

I am not Irish.

In fact, the only thing I have in common with the Irish is being a paper Catholic, appreciating liquor, and the enjoyment of getting Lucky.  All that said, on St. Paddy’s Day it is a commonly accepted belief that EVERYONE is Irish. Therefore,  if I’m Irish today, then who am I to not honor the patron Saint of Corned Beef and Cabbage and do a little jig.

Friday I saw my surgeon for my first post-op appointment and everything went great. My incisions look wonderful (as far as the aesthetics of incisions go), my weight loss is right on par, and my energy is up and running. I was then cleared (for Monday tomorrow, but  I’m calling that a technicality) to go ahead and start my Phase 2 Puree Diet. This diet is full food, just has to be pureed to a consistency of applesauce.  If the thought of four weeks of baby food makes you want to gag, imagine 4 WEEKS of protein shakes. The baby food phase looks about like being able to go to the Brazilian Buffet pro bono.

I am a firm believer that the only way to properly enjoy Irish food is in the form of a Reuben sandwich. This has been one of my favorite delicacies for a long time and my staple order at Irish Pub’s far and wide. Alas, taking a bite of a Reuben sandwich is not in my near future so I thought for my first puree today, in honor of my Irish “heritiage, I would make a Reuben Puree. Here is what I mixed.

½ c. Nonfat Greek Yogurt

4 slices Budding Corned Beef

2 T. Kraut

2 T. Nonfat Thousand Island Dressing

2 Rye Chips crushed.


(Whole Recipe: 165 Cals /21 Carbs /12g. Protien………………..1/2 c. portion: 82 cals / 10.5 Carbs / 6g Protien)


In the Magic Bullet it went and my first puree was created. It made almost a cup of food, so I had to dish it into two ½ cup containers and saved one. I ate a few bites of my portioned distribution and decided to nuke it for 20 seconds. BIG IMPROVEMENT. Also,  it was then I realized I forgot the Swiss cheese. Damn it. Could have used less yogurt and thrown in a Laughing Cow Lite Original Creamy Swiss.

As I am halfway through my noshing, here is my food review thus far:

I feel like I’m eating goddamned dip. If I had some cocktail ryes this would be the boss of all Reuben dips,  but since I am eating it with a dessert spoon, I am starting to get that about done feeling.  Also, the kraut and relish from the salad dressing is giving it a tart flavor that is making me want to chug some ice water but the Bariatric diet calls for NO DRINKING during meals and until 30 MINUTES AFTER. Liquid will cause the food you just ate to flush through the hourglass thus completely defeating the purpose of the band.


Consensus? For all intents and purposes of weight loss surgery it was a win. Plus, just by purchasing the minimal amount of ingredients, with as much as I can eat at one sitting, there may be reason for more deconstructed Reuben Puree in the next month while I am in Phase 2.


Either way…………….Kiss me, I’m Irish today!!


  1. Sounds, um, delicious. Very high-protein, for sure. Seriously, though, the not drinking water thing does work. I ignore that rule now, but whenever I'm trying to lose weight, I go back to it, and ten years out, it still works.

  2. You're braver than I! But it does sound like it'd be a good dip!