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Sunday, June 16


I got this at Weight Watchers in 2009 and it 's been banished to my junk drawer. It's back out bitches!!

A little quiz, and here’s the clues.
A list of things, follow the cues.
Something about me, you soon will find.
I’ve joined the ranks of the following kind.

A 50/50 chance of rain, means weathermen don’t know.
Hawaii 5-0, a police drama show.
#50 is the atomic number for Tin.
Buy one get one 50% off , you are sure to win.
A $50 dollar bill has Ulysses S. Grant.
50 Cent the Rap star is sure to rant.
50 years of marriage is anniversary golden.
50 Shades of Grey your carnal attention be holden!

And now for me, 50 pounds lost!!
I’m saying goodbye no matter the cost!
So I banish you away baggage of my past,
This girl is finally in charge, BAND help make it last!

(I’m a geeky writer, but you already know that. I have seen this number on the scale a few times in the past week but was afraid to REALLY see it, to believe that it was already there after 4 short months, and as to not jinx my success, I waited to post. But it IS there, and I AM here.)

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