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Sunday, June 2

Three Month Rambles

Tomorrow is our LAST day of school which to a teacher is pretty much better than Christmas Day. The students will only be there an hour and a half for the traditional, here’s your report card now clean out your desk and enjoy your summer. Now, I fully realize those of you who aren’t teachers and are thinking a whole bunch of things like why we need summers off so bad, or that we are spoiled, or that we get paid PLENTY since we only work part of the year but to those I say in the nicest way possible that jealousy is a terrible thing and I chose my career and you chose yours. (I remind my husband this ALL the time LOL). To my friends who ARE teachers…WHOO WHOO BABY WE MADE IT!!! Time to bust out those new Capri-Sun ‘esq frozen Bacardi pouches and sit on our asses for a while. We deserve it =)

Tuesday is my three month Bandiversary. I can’t believe that it is going by so fast and I really can’t believe it has been as easy as it has. Of course, I am still in the newlywed phase and a lot can and will change along the road, but for now I’m still very much in love with my band “Lola.” Don’t ask me where I came up with that name, but there are forums online where other band patients share what they have named their bands and some are much tackier. I guess you would have to be in the band to understand. And then again, people have always named weird things like their cars and ships and their genitalia, but we won’t get into that in this blog.

Tuesday is also my next maintenance appointment with the surgeon and I hope he will give me a second fill. At the present time I am only filled 1cc (or ml) in a 10cc band. No one that I have ever heard of has ever gotten the whole device filled, most only getting a ½ or 1/3 fill total to get to what we call the “green zone”. The green zone is where you are able to eat appropriate amounts (that’s just one serving kids) and feel satisfied and not hungry again for 3-4 hours. Being able to eat a whole Jimmy Johns sub means you need a fill. Not being able to get down a bowl of cereal means you are too filled and will get an un-fill. This is the biggest reason why I chose this procedure from the other options, because of the ability to modify my band according to my needs.

And the biggest reason why I continue to blog about my journey is because I attract other weight-strugglers like a magnet. Because people want to KNOW they are not alone in feeling helpless because they can’t lose weight on their own. Because I am an open book and not pretending I’m doing it by hitting the gym every morning at 5am. Here are my FAQs from various people during the past three months:

How do you feel?  Fantastic, because I can goddamned breathe now.

Can you see your port?  No, but I can feel it right under my skin and I feel for it all day long, it’s a security thing for me now….yep, it’s still there.

Have you thrown-up?  Nope, not yet, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings. And there are worse things than throwing up. Like being fat for instance.

How do you have so much control? I don’t, that’s why I had to get banded!!

How do you get through the liquid diet?? You just do. I promise.

Are you happy? Fuck. Yes.


Happy Summer Break =)

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