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Tuesday, July 23

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Last night I went to my support group meeting. It’s not at all like AA where you would have to stand up and say, “Hi…I’m ______, and I’m fat.” We just sit around a table and talk about band things, like what foods to eat, recipes, and troubleshooting our equipment. The meetings are mixed up of people who have bands already, and those that are pre-band since one of the requirements for surgery is to attend a support group meeting.  It’s interesting to now be one of the people on the other side of things. I am now someone who can answer questions, or help reduce the fear of having the procedure. Just like them I was scared shitless and yet also still believed with all my heart that it was the way to go. It’s kinda like the bar Cheers, just no liquor.

Today I saw my surgeon and it has been 7 weeks. Last time I was there if you recall I was on the fence as to if I needed a fill or not and actually talked myself out of it and left empty handed.  I still managed to read 5 pounds lighter on their biggest looser scale (which only reads in kilograms by the way then they convert it for you since who the frick knows what they weight in kilos), and they were more than happy with my progress, but I also assured them that I had gained and lost that same five pounds about three times in the past 7 weeks and the only reason I was reading low is because I have been dieting. When the nutritionist asked me about what I have been eating I was honest and said that I have been really good and on plan for the past week but that while I was on vacation I drank a ton of liquor and was able to eat a ton of food. Also, I casually mentioned that I was able to eat a whole Portillo’s cheeseburger with the bun with no ill effects. I left out the fact that I noshed half a large fries dipped in cheese with that burger but they got the point. The surgeon came in almost laughing out loud and said, “Wow, a Portillo’s cheeseburger?!” and I think secretly his mouth was watering thinking about it.

So yes, I got my second fill today, a second shot of 1cc (or 1ml), which now makes 2cc in my 10cc capacity band. Luckily I remembered to wear shorts and a t-shirt instead of the sun dresses I have been wearing because I just layed on the table and lifted my shirt. We made small talk while he first shot me with anesthetic and then took the four-inch hollow needle full of saline and shot me in the port with it. We talked about camping, the new tent he bought (which he showed me on his iPhone), his son going away to college in the fall, and then he tells me a story about a patient of his that was schizophrenic with colon cancer that he treated. Said the guy looked like Robert Redford and all the nurses flirted with him. The guy wrote him a haiku and that’s why you should never judge a book by its cover.

The nurse gave me a Dixie cup full of water to make sure I could swallow and I was on my way. Liquids the rest of the day, mushy the next, regular diet to follow, next appointment in 7 weeks. I have some major events, celebrations, and parties every weekend until school starts but I am now armed and ready!

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  1. i am chicago bandster too and need to get back on track. can you send me information on your support group? my email is thanks so much!

    btw-love reading your blog. keep up the awesome work!