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Monday, July 15


I need to write more...

There is something so motivating to MYSELF about writing my blog. It feels so good to get the words out, therapeutic, and it has kept me going on this journey for over a year now. I'm home all summer from teaching, I have the time, it keeps me on track, makes sense then that I try to write as much as possible before school starts.Typically I write my once a week post which turns out to be a goddamned novel but I need to tell myself that short and sweet is okay too. I like being a part of something grand, and I love the community of bandsters and non-bandsters that I have met along the way.

I also need to keep up with my online communities more. It's amazing to me how many people who have had the same surgery are so misinformed, do not get regular maintenance, and don't know what to eat!! I am happy to share some ideas with them and answer questions, it makes me feel important and proud of my decision and blessed more and more that I had the opportunity to do it. Also, live and in person this month at my support group the third Monday of every month....I will be starting a private Facebook group for our patients. The hospital can't do it because of privacy law, so they need a member to head it up and add names and maintain the site. I suggested this idea to the group leader, who is also our nutritionist, that we do this for the patients that want just a little more support than the once a month meet and greet. I happily offered to take on this responsibility because the more involved I am with those like me, the better I do, and the better I feel.

Day three of being home from vaca and I not only lost the three pounds I gained but I also lost two more. It's amazing to me what some healthy eating can do! So I am still on my carb-salt-sugar-liquor detox for the week and have been substituting a protein shake in for at least one meal a day plus a no-carb full-size meal (which for me is 1-1.5 cups of food) in for dinner. Last night I made chicken fajitas in the crock pot and they were wonderful. Chicken, veggies, water, seasoning...that's it. After a week of restaurant and processed food, REAL food tastes amazing. I might try the 100 day real food challenge that I see all over the web when school starts.

Keep up the good work all and I am going to keep up the writing. If not for you, then for me.


  1. Good for you for being an inspiration and being a leader! We are aiming for a 40 day challenge now...Not successfully...but we have made some monumental changes in our lifestyle!!

    1. 40 days is GREAT.....they say it takes that long to start new behaviors! We should share some recipees!!

  2. Good luck with your reset. Vacations are so hard for finding healthy food.