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Saturday, July 13

Reset Button

Well, we are back from our weeklong adventure to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Because I don’t really care to type blog posts on my iPhone, I will catch you up as much as I can now that I have my laptop again. We allowed ourselves two days to get there, stopping in KY on the way for the night. I was craving Cracker Barrel but my family wanted Red Lobster, which kind of pissed me off because we have one almost less than a mile from our house at home. Even still, I went along with it and had the shrimp nachos appetizer as my meal. I only ate about half of it thinking how many cals can some tortilla chips, cheese, and grilled shrimp have?? (Shrimp are almost a negative cal food once you chew them…right?) I then looked it up on myfitnesspal app and about died. HALF of the order was 600 hundred cals. Adding that up with all of the junk food I had eaten on the road already and that day was shot. And so was my entire diet for the whole week to come.

But hit the beach running we did. We jumped in waves and made shore art. We got tanned (and burned) and exfoliated in the warm sand. We took beautiful (and very posed) pictures in and out of the water, watched fireworks, played on the boardwalk, and relished in the salty-sea air. It was warm and wonderful and it rejuvenated us all.

But a wonderful week of vacation has its price and I’m not just talking about a drained checkbook. I came home and looked at the scale in the bathroom that I had left behind and we had a moment together. I have been very real about my scale addiction, but just as I had taken a vacation from all the other mundane parts of my life, this too had not been part of the magic of the surf. I apologized, and stepped on, and my debt was three pounds. THREE POUNDS. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because honestly even though I still ate much less than I would have on vacation if I didn’t have my band….for all of the carbs, salt, sugar, and liquor I had consumed I thought it would be much, much worse. So, the four pounds I complained about only losing over my fourth month?? Bless those four pounds because it made gaining three a little easier to swallow.  And I didn’t lose my fifty mark, so thank God for that.

Oh, and one more secret to share. I didn’t bring my sleep machine with me either. You know damn well I’m not talking about my Sony white-noise maker. I left my CRAP (CPAP) machine home. I might get a slap on the hand for this one when I go see my surgeon and pulmonologist later this month but in my defense, I figured I have lost half of my extra weight now, I probably won’t die in my sleep without the extra oxygen. Truth be told, I didn’t feel any extra tired without the mask during the vacation which hopefully means that when I get retested later this year I will get to either lower the setting or eventually wean off completely from it. Either way, I did strap it back on last night when we got home and not only did I sleep like a baby but I had some vivid crazy- ass dreams too, which can be a fun thing ;)
Breakfast of Champions

So I am pressing the reset button today. There is something in our Lap-Band community called “band reset” or “pouch test” where you can “reset” your band by starting at the beginning with shakes again, then a day or two of mushies, then back to food so that you can feel your pouch size better and gauge your restriction. That is my plan for the next week to get back on track and then I go see the good doctor on July 23 and will not be leaving without a fill this time! 60 lb loss may not be in the cards for my 5 month in August, but it WILL happen I’m sure as shit about that and that is good enough for me. 

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