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Tuesday, July 16


I love Superman.

I fell in love with the man at 15 years old as a Freshman in High School, watching the latest ABC show “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” on my family TV on Sunday nights. He was absolutely gorgeous, sexy hair, hot-ass muscular, thick body and shoulders, and even at that young age I knew that the bulge under the spandex costume could only lead to good things…he was a dream come true and it was then I vowed I would find me a man like that. What’s more is that he was brilliant, the second thing on my criteria list.  The confusion here for you may be if I am talking about the character of Superman, or if I am talking about the actor, Dean Cain who was my first true love, and to be honest I’m not sure myself. As a young girl I imagined being swept off my feet like Lois Lane by someone who not only is creative and smart by day and rocks a well-tailored suit, but also is strong and powerful by night rescuing me from my worst nightmares. The attractive-academic-athletic man of steel became my “type”.
My "first" Boyfriend 

So no, for me the extreme fascination is not about the movie hype or the comic book craze, but rather the idea that manifested in my youth and became the image of my perfect man. Each week he would be sensitive and sweet, jokey and devoted, and then **bam** just like that he would transform into an x-ray visioned flying God of a man and save the world. I started following the actor Dean Cain in magazines since there was no internet yet (the HORROR!! And YES, I am that old!). I was able to collect over 100 pictures and articles on him. His birthday is in July. He was a Princeton Grad (see academic above) and was a former Buffalo Bills Football Player (see athletic above) and was HOT. In college I slept with a life-sized poster over my loft bed which was so close to the ceiling I could reach my hands up and touch it. Every night I blew him a kiss and drifted off to dreamland. ((The irony is not lost on me that Dean Cain went on to star in the Lifetime movie “A Perfect Husband”…who killed his wife but anyways…)) And at 20-years-old, I found him. No, not Dean Cain, but a real Superman. Glasses and all! With BOTH a competitive IQ and rock hard biceps from playing football.

And maybe I’m not far from being a Lois Lane myself. First off I’m brunette and I did have the pageboy bob haircut for many years. I’m nosy and a go-getter, and most importantly I’m a reporter. Okay, so not really, but I am writing a blog and that’s kind of like reporting the news, right? My news?

So maybe that’s my superpower then…writing? Or maybe I don’t have a superpower at all, maybe I’m more of the strong-willed arm-candy woman who only accompanies the Superhero? I think either is fine by me. It shouldn’t  matter how you fly…it is equally wonderful to be the one who flies and to be the one who flies by being held on to.

So fly on.


  1. Lol. I think your smarter than Lois, she was always getting herself trouble.

  2. Have you been to the Superman museum in Metropolis? My son collects Superman stuff so every time we go to Metropolis to gamble we pick him up some stuff.

  3. No! Metropolis.....where which state? I'm gonna google that now thanks =)

  4. Illinois...we go there to go gambling some times. It's a very small town, but they have a Superman museum.