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Monday, July 29

The Great Outdoors

Camping: 1
Weight-Loss: 0

Well, make that +5 because that’s what I came home with, no ticks thank God, but 5 gross pounds of bloat once again. This is becoming a travel and vacation conspiracy.

When I woke up Friday morning I felt fabulous because I was 5 lbs down and now it’s Monday and I’m five pounds up. Looks like shakes again for a day. Is this becoming my new “norm”? Diet really amazing, go somewhere fun, gain weight back, restart on shakes? My body responds so well to the low carb-salt-sugar-liquor diet that I follow but when I actually go somewhere and let loose a little bit I blow up like the hot air balloon that left Dorothy behind.
Is that a Lap-Band Diet picnic basket?!?

Once again, I remind myself that had I NOT been banded I would have ate MUCH MUCH more. If I had not lost the 5 pounds before the trip I would have been net +10. Instead of one brat on a light bun I would have eaten two brats on buns and washed it all down with a few bottled margaritas. So… okay, eating less is better than not eating less, which is a positive. And yes, I for sure could have packed crunchy raw fruits and vegetables instead of sitting with a bag of buffalo flavored pretzel crisps, but I didn’t do that. I could have brought veggie burgers or chicken to grill but I didn’t do that either. I could have not shared a large fry from McD’s with my husband on the way home but I didn’t do that either. What I’m gathering here is that I’m no good at spontaneous eating, or travel eating. Lesson learned.

But traveling is good for the soul, and although it was cold (which my husband would argue, like that babe?) the fresh air and fire felt amazing and I gave my kids the fun memory of tent sleeping under the stars and s’more eating. Sometimes it’s Mom first and Me second and that gain is worth a small weight gain.

Next weekend is my big 11-year anniversary date with my husband, and my 5-month bandiversary with Lola.  So, I have five days to loose back 5 pounds. I think this is attainable because they aren’t “real” five pounds of muscle and fat I’m wagering, but rather are bloat pounds that should come right back off with some healthy eating for a few days. I think I got this.

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