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Thursday, July 18


Ten Things Thursday          

1.     Have I ever told you how much I love summer??
2.     I signed up for my first 5K!! It’s the Hot Chocolate Walk Chicago on November 3 and I’m super excited. What’s more is I have family and friends who will be joining me and I know we will get a lot of good memories on that day. I Googled it and it’s only 3.1 miles which is fine because I am used to walking 2 miles at night anyways.
3.     It is hotter than a mother outside and I love it even though my body does not. I am retaining more water than the neighborhood pond. It also makes my band tight which I guess is a good thing, but not tight enough to keep out Doritos =( I swear if they would only have discontinued frickin’ original nacho cheese Doritos instead of goddamned Twinkies I would have lost 10 more pounds by now!
4.     At the mid-point of summer we have 5 more weeks and it’s back to school. I have a ton of shit in my garage to organize. I also have to locate the lost school supply list for my kids and start hunting sales on gluesticks.
5.     My weight loss has officially plateaued. I am still eating a lot less than usual but I think my body is starting to get used to the calorie amount. Tuesday I go to the surgeon to get tightened up and I can’t wait. My psyche is NOT talking me out of it this time.
6.     Tomorrow I a going to see New Kids On The Block with my husband! I got him to go because Boys II Men will be there. Oh, and 98 degrees. It’s a regular boy-band convention. This will be my third time seeing NKOTB and I have been practicing all the songs in the shower this week just for the occasion.
7.     [Husband] also wants to eat at the new Toby Keith restaurant. I am not going to stress out about this even though I know the menu will be “do you want dinner with your cheese and bacon?”  I am trying to find my happy place between it’s OKAY to have a few weeks where you don’t loose weight and OMG you are fat as fuck what are you doing! It’s so much a mental game. I need a drink.
8.     I went back to my old Starbucks Pike Place K-cups.  The only reason I was using DD is because it was on my lunch break. What the hell was I thinking??
9.     I think if I invest in some cute cardigans, all the maxi dresses I bought this summer will totally work for school in the fall along with some new flat shoes. I think these dresses will be better than buying all new pants just to **hopefully** need even more new pants second semester.
10. I love summer. 

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  1. Even the Maxi dresses in petite are too long for me :( I am so jealous that you have 5 more weeks. In 2 weeks I will be using that damned alarm clock again :(