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Friday, July 26

What lies beneath...

After losing a certain number of pounds your clothes start to feel very different. Not only smaller, which is the obvious, but things fit differently in different places. As I shared with you in a much earlier post, I am a clothes hoarder, and I do have a lot of clothes. I save my nice stuff mostly, or my favorite pieces, or things that give me great memories, and even if they don’t fit and I store them by size under my king size. I have sweaters and tops, dresses, bathing suits, intimate wear (don’t judge), and jeans, jeans, jeans. Today I woke up feeling especially good and decided to dig around for a few things. Taking the bin out I had to clean off the dustbunnies before opening the zipper. I found a few things that I can start wearing (excitement!) and a few things I still have to work toward (motivation!) but I didn’t stop there. Since I was on a roll with my new discoveries, I went into my closet and started digging there as well for some old treasures.

Item #1 was a black maxi dress with a beaded belt and a scarf print skirt.  Fit perfect but needed the straps tightened wich is no biggie in my family of old Italian woman who sew as a hobby. TAG STILL ON: $14.99!!

Item #2 was a red polka-dotted dress in a shiffonish material which although it zipped it will really look good in a month when I need it. TAG STILL ON: $7.00!!

The only thing better than a department store clearance sale, is a DISCOUNT department store clearance sale and the moral of my story is to buy something you like (if it’s too cheap to resist) even if it doesn’t fit and it just might surprise you some day. I’m not going to endorse any products here….but isn’t there a commercial that states, “What will you gain, when you loose?”

But then there are shoes =(

I started my adult life wearing a size 9 which became a 10 with two pregnancies and weight gain, and also an addiction to comfort shoes. I do have quite the assortment of dress shoes in tubs, all of which I secretly hate. Just as I have uncovered these goldmine dresses, I also uncover the truth that I have no shoes I like to wear with them. But I don’t know how to wear dress shoes and I certainly do not have a liking to heels. I’m 35 years old and lost over 50 pounds, can I do this?

I went to a few shoe stores and hobbled around in some heels. They either were too narrow, too long, or comfortable but too matronly looking. I find a pair that I think I like but I’m just not sure. Am I not sure about the shoes or am I not sure about myself?? I didn’t know so I go home alone, defeated.

The quest will continue, the perfect ensemble is out there, I just know it.


  1. I hate shoes too...especially after having a baby...None of my "cute" shoes fit as my feet are a tad wider and most shoes pinch and hurt =( That has been hard this summer. So I have lived in by $5 walmart shoes that are falling apart and my flip flops...I hear ya!

  2. Fat or skinny...I have never likes heels. I am a flip flop kinda gal :)