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Sunday, August 4


Yesterday was my 11-year anniversary with my baby. We wined, we dined, we went to see a musical and laughed our asses off, we drank champagne and stole kisses, and took one too many selfie photos while enjoying the beautiful landscape of downtown Chicago. What made it even more wonderful is that I felt great in my skin, and crazy confident and comfortable in my maxi-dress. It was a beautiful night and I have the pictures and poundage to prove it.
Ironically, last month I was super disappointed because I only lost four pounds, well, guess what…this month I only lost 2 lbs!! That’s a whopping half-pound a week for you mathletes. AND, that’s only because I am using my weigh-in that happened on Saturday the 3rd and not the official weigh-in from today my bandiversary which is slightly less because of too much eating and drinking all weekend (that shit really has to stop) WTF!! The scale plays with my emotions, up and down, smile and frown, and it is very frustrating. I need a new strategy because I get so excited when my weight is down and excitingly change my numbers online, only to have them bounce around again like a damned superball by months end.  So here is my plan, new month, new rules is what I say. I am ONLY going to document my weight on my monthly weigh-in, that is I will try to limit my scale visits throughout the week and whatever the numbers say I will NOT change any info on my online profiles until the next monthly weigh-in, that way I will only see the loss and not focus on the bi-polarism of it all. Crossing my fingers that helps. I wanted to hit 60 this month and still have 5 (or so…just sayin’) pounds to go. Will it happen for Labor Day? Stay tuned, folks!!

Today, I have been banded for 5 MONTHS!! That is just crazy to me when I think that last summer at this time I was only doing my supervised diet and bitching because I went to Las Vegas and had to sweat it out as a fat beast. But today I’m here and even though the weight loss seems to have gone to pasture, the scale sucks, my band still needs more fill, here is much better than there. And here I am glad to be.

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