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Wednesday, August 21

Back To School

I got my scale back!! After a lot of pressuring, begging, and overall crabbiness I convinced the Hubs to put the scale back. He of course did it after I was in bed so that I wouldn’t see where it had been hidden but if he thinks this is going to happen again I will have to hide his beloved sunglasses….karma’s a bitch my LOVE!!!

Okay, so now I’m back to speaking to the rest of you. Today is the last day of my summer vaca and it has been great. I can say with certainty that I am ready for the school year to start. As someone who longs for regulation and routine, I will be happy to be on a schedule, and to have my kids being occupied by someone other than myself for 7 hours a day.

I went through my closet and got rid of all the too big items. It’s funny because I know from past weight loss experiences that you are supposed to get rid of EVERYTHING once it doesn’t fit so that you have no comfort zone to gain weight back…but there are some items that I love, or that were expensive, or that I have good memories in, so I think I might save them under the bed with my bathing suits and sundresses kinda like a time capsule of where I have been.  And it really gives you a good look at your body. I know that the fashion magazines say there are three body types: apple, pear, and chili pepper…but I am none of those. Nope, I am an entirely body type altogether which I call BBG (Boobs, Butt, and Gut). But every day I am learning to embrace it. Weight loss, and not even weight loss surgery changes your shape, just makes your shape smaller and more manageable.

I tried on everything that had been under the bed waiting for me to drop sizes, and there were some things I wondered why I bothered keeping because I no longer liked them, but there was a lot of clothes to start the school year. I can probably wear a different top for a month before I have to repeat. I also purchased a jean jacket so I can stretch out the life of my maxi dresses.

And boots. I want boots. I got over my high-heel hump and took the plunge ( I even wore a pair out on date night Saturday!!) and now I need to find a pair of boots that I like and go with my wardrobe. No matter how much weight I have lost I have GINORM calves so this is going to be a much harder investigation. But I’m in no rush, I hope to find a pair for the holidays so I have time.

It’s back to school I go!!!

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