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Monday, August 26

Big Girl Shoes

My big-girl shoes!
This past weekend was the last one of <my> summer and of course I had two major celebrations to get through, my cousin’s bridal shower, and baptizing my Godson with my husband. I was able to wear both of the cheap dresses I found in the back of my closet but if that’s not amazing enough….I WORE HEELS FOR 4 HOURS on Sunday! That’s right! I did not faint, trip, cry or die…I just wore the f-ing heels and was a boss. It is one of my favorite NSVs (non-scale-victory) as of yet.

Secondly I would like to share that although I have written over and over that for the past six weeks I have hovered at the same weight losing over the week and gaining back on the weekends…. this time I decided that was NOT going to happen. It just was NOT. And it DIDN’T. I got though the weekend food fest and stayed low so now I can start a fresh new week without having to backtrack.

My first step was that I lowered my calorie intake into my fitness pal. I went from allowing 1200 calories a day to 999 calories a day. It’s kind of a freaky number to look at but it seemed more legit than a full 1000. If you think that is not enough calories for me to be “healthy” it really is because banded people should only be able to eat about that when at ideal fill which I am not at yet. Also, that is taking into consideration the fact that I burn about 350 calories or so when I walk three miles/5 days a week. That really means I can eat almost 1400 calories a day. See, I really can apply that algebra from high school.

Secondly, I recommitted myself to the Band Diet Rules. Calories and exercise are huge, but I am under nutritionist instructions, not the local diet center.  That being said, I laid the hell off carbs. You know that I am not someone who thinks no-carb is healthy, but at the same time, I have realized the truth to eating low-carb. On my band diet, we are supposed to avoid bread, corn, potatoes, and peas. We are supposed to eat firm proteins first and then and only then if we are still hungry eat some sides. Oh, and not drinking until at least 30 minutes after a meal…haven’t been paying too close attention to that one either so maybe that was one of the culprits.

Isn’t it amazing how when you FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES suddenly good things begin to happen? Put a huge smile on my face today for the first day of school =)


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