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Tuesday, August 6


So...nothing reminds you of where you have been then your Facebook photos. I'm still not sure what has changed more, my hairdos or my body size but regardless, those snapshots are proof of the journey that is taken though the years. Since I just celebrated my anniversary, I thought I would reminisce just a little bit.

A little timeline of wedded bliss.....

Lowest weight of my adult life. Happiest day of my adult life.

Highest weight of my adult life. Bittersweet. 
Me. Now. Right smack in the middle of my highest and lowest. Empowered.

So I am a walking version of the cliche' "Neither here nor there"...and I am...dare I say it...happy? I am happy because of all I have, both in life and in spirit. I am happy that even though I am a professional yo-yo dieter that I have never just accepted being fat. I am happy that my family has always loved me no matter my size. Most of all, I am happy that I am alive and well enough to have my biggest problem in life being having to diet. It's a wonderful life.

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