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Tuesday, September 17

Leg Work

The NSVs just keep on coming. The universe is consistently reminding me that I did the right thing by having weight loss surgery. Here are just a few new examples from the past week. I wore a sweatshirt under a jacket and it zipped just fine. I walked up 63 rows of bleachers at the NASCAR race and could still recite the preamble. I was able to hold myself up while peeing in the grass while tailgating. That long awaited accomplishment in it’s own brought a tear to my eyes. I now have not one but two pairs of tall boots I can wear and …wait for it….a new collection of LEGGINGS for underneath. Yep, she's got LEGS. (and you just sang that in your head in a ZZTops voice!)

I have never ever had nice legs. Now, I’m sure you are thinking does anybody like anything on their body?? But I do, like my nice strait teeth.  But if I had to actually list the parts of my body from 10= likes best to 1 = likes least my legs are in the bottom half of that list. They have never been a good shape, just too squatty, and even when I have been thinner my thighs make up for what I lack in hips.

So why am I shopping for tunics and leggings?? Well, because I am in that in-between phase where my lowest size in my closet is starting to not fit well anymore. To put it blankly, my pants are sagging under my ass. I figure if I invest in some leggings they will take me through the next phase of my weight loss.  And because I am magic marker shaped I look just fine from the front or the back, it’s sideways that is a problem. Leggings are more flattering than skinny jeans in my opinion because since I would only wear them under a sweater dress or long fleece there is no bulk at the waist like with skinnies. My only fear is that the patterns don’t get stretched out to indiscernible proportions.

But I just don’t care as much anymore.  I look so much better than I did that even if I am still too fat for some fashions all people seem to see is the new me. Every day I am approached by someone who notices my progress. Let’s face it, it’s impossible not to. And even though I find it hysterical that no one seems to know what to say to me, I am flattered by these compliments…and motivated.

Now if only I could find time to jog. It’s been a good week since I hit the pavement and I can tell already. I need to get back on track with that…literally….and who knows, maybe with all the lower body cardio I will get my legs higher up that list eventually.

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