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Thursday, September 5

Ten Things Thursday

1.     Today I attended a curriculum night for one of my buildings where I teach music and some of the classrooms had as little as ONE family in attendance. Make no mistake that schools are struggling to stay afloat because parents just don’t give a rat’s furry ass anymore and NOT because the teacher’s aren’t doing their jobs.
2.     There were some definite hits and misses on the diet this week. I hit a huge milestone and was maybe a tad more relaxed than I should be with my calorie counting. I see my chips addiction loud and clear and need to make some major changes in our household. If my husband was a recovering alcoholic I would definitely not keep liquor around so why am I still buying party sized bags of chips for my family when I cannot resist them? It’s no longer a matter of willpower but a matter of keeping them out of the house.
3.     The kids are loving first and third grade. We have finally found our grove and our mornings are running very smoothly as well now that I put a new smack down on our routine. We are all creatures of routine. No more lounging on the couch before school and a second set of toothbrushes and toothpaste in the downstairs bathroom has been a lifesaver!!
4.     The outfits for the family photo-shoot are starting to come together but I am having a hell of a time finding exactly what I want. I did find a black cardigan sweater at Forever 21 that covers my ass so it’s possible I just need a tunic and I can wear my new print leggings with my black boots. Life was so much easier when I wore a 5T like my daughter. Like something on a hanger at the store? Buy it in your size and voila! It fits!
5.     I’m starting to get lazy with my CRAP machine. I am waking up early in the morning and I don’t know if it’s because my complexion is oily but it isn’t sitting right on my face so I just take it off.  Or even worse I am super tired at night and don’t even take the effort to reach over and strap it on. The over-achiever in me is a little concerned that I will get my hand slapped when I go back to the pulmonologist in November but I am still feeling good so maybe I can wean off the damn thing after all.
6.     Every day this week I have packed a lunch and have gone home to pick it up at lunchtime. It is way to hot still for it to sit in my car and even my Pack-it lunch bag will melt from the rays. Being organized and planning ahead has really helped me this week from binging or getting fast food at lunch. Plus, let’s be honest, having to go home for my lunch also forces me to not pass by the McD’s.
7.     I am starting to feel anxiety because my husband has to travel for work. Travelling for work really means drinking and playing golf. Oh yeah, in a college town one of the first weekends of school. Back off sorority girls, this one is taken.
8.     What is it about pounding pizza dough that is so damn therapeutic??
9.     I have not jogged in two days and I have to say…………I miss it. Yep, it’s true, I feel sore as hell after but I feel amazing also. Just when I think I can’t go on, my robot friend has my back.

10. I am getting over Pink-eye and I have had to wear my glasses every day this week which SUCKS. No offence glasses wearers but I don’t know how you do it. My face feels sticky and warm and I feel dumpy and very unsexy. I’m vain, and that sucks too.

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