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Monday, October 28

If the GOGO Boots fit...

This weekend was crazy. And awesome. And tiring. And inspiring.

Me and my own Groom
Friday my first baby cousin got married. She asked me, my husband, and the two kids to be in the wedding, which was a huge honor. I mean, let’s face it I’m getting to the age where I fully expect my two super-cute kids to be asked…but me? I’ve become the old bridesmatron of the group, the old broad, the token mother figure. But she asked me anyways and of course I was more than happy to oblige.

The wedding was a blast, and I suppose it’s true that with age comes wisdom. I was asked to fix the brides veil when it went askew. I was called into the brides room to bustle the gown when the other girls couldn’t find the fastens. I was smart enough to wear flats when the youngins were strutting in stilettos (who sees them anyways in a long dress??) I was needed, and needless to say felt amazing all dressed up and dancing the night away with my family.

Captain and Coke
Despite getting home at 2, we pulled ourselves out of bed to attend our college’s Homecoming football game. The weather was gorgeous, and the team killed it with 55-0 at the half (at which point we left to get beer at the local Irish Pub). It was a beautiful day with beautiful friends. As music alum we sit with the band, and it was crazy to think that it was our 15 year homecoming….15 years since my man and I first met on that campus during the fall. The leaves were falling and we were falling in love. (Kinda, that’s a story for another day.)

After dropping the kids off, we did something we have always talked about but never actually DID. We put on Halloween costumes and went to a bar like the twentysomethings. For real. Last year, fat and miserable, we sat on the sidelines like yesterday's laundry but
Walking On
this year I was bound to change things. I came up with an epic couple’s costume, and made it happen. My husband and I went as “Captain Morgan and Coke”. I was the coke, of course, complete with white tu-tu and GOGO boots. If you haven’t been out on Halloween in a long time you will note that this is the standard dress code these days. No matter what you are thinking of dressing up as, add a tu-tu and hoochie
boots and you will fit right in. I’m not joking.

Because sometimes you just want to do that. Fit right in. I don’t want to be the old one. The uncomfortable one. The fat one. The one without a tu-tu. I just want to be the happy fits-in one. And this weekend I did just that.

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  1. I am in love with your costume!! So glad you were happy in it!