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Sunday, October 6


It’s October, which means black and orange are not the only colors in the spotlight. PINK is everywhere to support Breast Cancer awareness and there are tons of fundraisers everywhere if you want to get involved. Although I am lucky to report that Breast Cancer has not touched my family personally, it has effected many families around me and is a cause I would love to help out. That being said, my gym (like that? MY gym) has a PINK treadmill and every mile logged on it donates 10 cents to Breast Cancer research. It doesn’t sound like much, but at 3 miles each time I go I will at least be able to donate a couple of dollars by using the PINK treadmill. I am there to run anyways, right?
I can say run now because I am at least half walking and half running now. It’s kinda crazy that when I first signed up for my 5K that will be November 3rd I figured I would walk the whole time and now I think I might be able to run for at least part of it.
My husband has started looking forward to going as well. Because as we know but don’t always follow through…you don’t always feel like going to the gym but when you get there you start to feel the buzz and before you know it your workout is over and you feel awesome. And then maybe just maybe you do feel like going next time. My husband is lifting weights with the other meatheads, and has been using the stationary bike. This is HUGE because even as an ex-athlete he has never done cardio! It just wasn’t a requirement for the defensive line. But we are in our 30’s now and things have changed. Our bodies and metabolisms have changed and exercises that used to work just don’t cut it anymore.
My kids are being real troopers. My daughter loves the babysitting room and my son hates it. I reminded him that sometimes you have to do things you hate to help your family and that every our he sits in there being too cool for it he is helping mom and dad. Just to ensure he understood I gave him the example of when I have to clean up puke in the middle of the night. I hate it but I do it to help our family, so he can sit his ass in the babysitting room for an hour here and there. He owes it to us as our child.
Because we aren’t quitting any time soon. Our momentum is pumping. And if I have a month of an excuse to be a 35+ year old woman with PINK written on my ass running on a PINK treadmill for Breast Cancer, I'll take it!

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