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Tuesday, October 1


October 1st and fall is in the air! The air is starting to get crisp, the leaves are finally changing, everything is pumpkin flavor (including M&Ms…WTF!), and more importantly dark nail polish is back in style. Our family is in a great fall routine and is involved in more and more each school year…so the challenge of course is focusing on our health in this hectic life. I say OUR because now that I have made my health a number one priority it’s time to really gather my three minions and get them right there with me. Plus, my husband has been bitching his pants are too tight and that’s no good for anybody.

We are loving the gym. I realize it has been less than a week and we still have visions of dancing dumbbells in our heads, but I have gone three times and on Monday my husband…wait for it…PACKED A GYM BAG and met us there after dinner. Our kids played in the babysitting room while we lifted weights together. The hubs has been no stranger to strength training having been an athlete growing up, and I have had my spurts of fitness here and there (hey, I was a lifeguard after all) and it was dare I say fun and kind of like a date-night. Except with exercising. The out in public kind. We took turns on the machines and I walked on the track for a good 30 as well, because honestly I don’t feel like I have done shit if I don’t do some cardio. I know strength is super important too because you need the lean muscle to keep losing, but there is something so gratifying about sweat. Last time I lost weight I did it on the elliptical. The time I lost weight before that I did it on a stair stepper. This time I am focused on the track and I feel my body going just a little further each time and jogging just a little longer. Hear me, I can practically power walk faster than I can jog but it’s still jogging. This isn’t new physical education folks. Obviously, people have always ran, but it just seems like running is the “in thing” lately and everyone and their mother is doing a 5K. Literally. Me and my mother are doing a 5K on November 3.
Working on "dat ass" on the glutes machine.
On another note, I got my ring back. I started to hyperventilate when I got the pick-up ticket out because it said size 7 and I thought we had agreed upon a 7.5. (Remember? Anxiety.) I just knew this meant it wasn’t going to fit and then I would be right back where I started with no ring and a shit ton of disappointment. I’m glad I have friends and family to remind me to calm the hell down and let things be because I almost called the jewelry store before even going to try it on to tell them there had been a half size mistake.  But I put on my big girl panties and took my butt there and what would you know, the ring is on my finger and my finger I am happy to report is not blue. I’m not gonna lie, it’s frickin snug. But it is ON…and I still have 35lbs to go!

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