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Tuesday, October 15

That's What SHE Said...

Recently, I asked my friends on my online forum ( if you are interested or in need of advice/motivation) what some of the craziest things were that people said to them about their weight loss. It was a good laugh, believe me, because honestly, I think some people don’t know what to say, but they want to say something, but then end up sticking their foot in their mouth. I personally have heard quite a few things that sometimes made me laugh, and sometimes made me cringe, even though I politely accepted the compliment (was it one?) I look totally different, there is no denying that, no way to not notice. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of those funny comments both to me and to my Lap-Band peers…
1.    You look like you are melting!
2. Bean pole!
3. You are average-sized now!
4. If you just stay like this you will look great.
5. I can tell you feel better about yourself because you are not hiding your hair in a knot anymore.
6. Hot Mama!
7. When does the band come out?
8. You don't want to loose too much more or you will look sick.
9. Did you start working out or something?
10. I noticed you look different but I don't like to comment because my aunt lost a lot of weight and was in fact dying.
11. You should celebrate your [insert milestone weight loss] with a dinner out!

1.     At the Jewish New Year dinner, a woman who was sitting next to me asked where my food was.  To me, I had to much on the plate and to her, not enough.  I said I have plenty of food, thank you.
This lovely photo accompanied comment #3.
No. Words.
2.     When I went to replace my driver's license and get a new picture taken, the woman looked at my old one and then looked at me and goes "this doesn't even look like you, it looks like your fat cousin".
3.     The craziest thing is that i am pretty now..
what was i butt ugly before?  
4.     What are you going to do after you lose all the weight , does the band come out and are you going to have another surgery?
5.     My bariatric nurse told me LOOK your shrinking!! 
6.     People tell me I look taller.
7.     MIL told me u were always such a sweet person but now you are pretty too... I was like dang guess I know what u used to think of 
8.     I had a work colleague say in a meeting, oh I heard you had lost weight you have done it before though so what's different this time ? In a roomful of people I replied "a gastric band" one very red face and a round of congratulations!
9.     I am down to the last three lbs and I'm expecting at some stage the " you have lost too much now" conversations. These are the issues of others not me. I'm too busy recovering to recover anyone else.
10.   I forgot one the other day I had bought my first two outfits never wore them before and I was wearing one and my Mother of all people said oh you are losing and have lost a lot I see your wearing your skinny pants

There you have it. Now you know what goes down on a weight-loss online community. Hope you LOL’d. If not….well…you kinda had to be there. ;)

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