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Thursday, October 3


1.     Tomorrow is my 7-month Bandiversary!! Crazy!!
2.     My neighbor got me to commit to a ridiculous “30 Day Abs” program she found on Pinterest. Today is day 3 and I already feel the burn! That would mostly be because I haven’t done a sit up since high school and it was for a grade. If I dressed and showed up that day of course.
3.     A five-day workweek is just too long. This was one for the record books. I am both emotionally and physically exhausted, CRAP machine and all. Kindergarteners are coming to school younger and younger and more high maintenance I swear.

4.     Getting dressed for teaching for 5 days in a row is also too long. I am really trying to stretch out my wardrobe by wearing a dress at least once a week, but it’s inevitable that I have to buy pants. Because you just need pants. Thank God for Kohl’s 30% off.
5.     I was really hoping to work on my chips addiction this month. It is day three and I have eaten a chip (or two or a few) every day. Oh well, there is always November.
6.     Me and my mom were supposed to go to yoga last night at the fitness center but my daughter cried for us to stay home and do yoga with her instead on the iPad. The class was supposed to last an hour. We did yoga for 15 minutes on the iPad and a five-minute abs workout and about died. How embarrassing if we had been in the class!! Well played, daughter.
7.     I cut the grass for hopefully the last time this year. It’s time to get the house all decorated for Halloween, which now is about up there with Christmas decorating. If you don’t have lights and a fricken blow-up on your lawn you FAIL.
8.     I bought a cheap Timex Ironman watch online so hopefully I can count my laps on the track. 9 laps is mile times 3.1 miles is a 5k and that is more math than I care to do ever in my adult life. As an FYI the free Lap Tracker app works for shit.
9.     I’m pretty sure the Rainbow loom was invented by someone who was drunk with their orthodontic rubber bands. Those damn bracelets are addicting and I have been making a ton of them. I specialize in Chicago Bears and black and yellow for our soccer team.

10. Leave Miley alone for christ’s sake and get a life people!!! Newsflash, she didn’t invent either the booty shake or the stuck out tongue. I have been doing that for years.

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