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Monday, November 4

8 Mile

Today is my 8-month bandiversary.

October weight loss: 0 lbs.
October weight gain: 0 lbs.

October events: Bachelorette Party, Carmen’s Piano recital, Brad’s Birthday dinner, Vinny’s two goals (two visits to Buffalo Wild Wings), Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding, Cardinal Homecoming, Halloween Bar night, Halloween, Hot Chocolate 5K (including chocolate).

Of course, I woke up and was super bummed by the scale….couldn’t I have lost just ONE fricken pound?? I even tried to pee a second time but it didn’t work. Jeez!!

My husband (ying to my yang) told me to relax and take my measurements, that the last time I didn’t loose (June…nope didn’t forget that one either) I lost a few inches and that maybe since I logged in over 40 miles on the treadmill/track this month maybe I was toning up. What a jerk, he was right of course. Bust, waist, hips all about an inch smaller. Yep, I have one of those weird marriages when someone is always right and someone is always me.

Last month at this time I could hardly walk around the block without hyperventilating. I was gorging on any and all food I could for my last few months of being able to eat before my surgery. I wasn’t on my sleep machine yet and was dragging my feet each day living sedentarily. I was watching others on facebook run the Hot Chocolate Race and wishing I could do it too…and decided that next year I was going to do it. And I did it. I know I already wrote a whole post about it but you can’t imagine what a milestone this was for me, even moreso than being thinner than all the clothes I have had saved under the bed for the past 5 years for when I lost weight. Just like with the soccer game earlier this month…there is something so amazing about what is gained when you can actually move the way God intended.

So I am just going to pretend that it doesn’t bother me at all that I didn’t lose a pound this month, I am going to move right along and hopefully the next month will be just a little more peaceful and I can lose my one pound a week. I have 23 more pounds to shed until I’m no longer obese and just overweight…..and for christsakes I have never wanted to be overweight so much in my life!!

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  1. I'd take inches and a 5k over pounds any day! And when in your life have you ever not gained with all of those events?!?! All wins in my book!!