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Friday, November 1


This was a week for the books…sheesh. It was as if the full moon came and never left. The weather went from nice to crappy all over night and everyone is acting a little shady. Maybe it’s the impending time change, or maybe everyone is just over worked and under appreciated, but I’m over it personally. Honestly I don’t know how I have gotten through rough spots like this in the past because that damn treadmill/track has become my refuge when I just want to run away from it all. I look forward to clearing my head with a little Queen on the iPod just as much as I look forward to the burning in my legs afterwards. And to be perfectly honest…after a long day with kids, to come home to kids, and dealing with adults that act like kids, I just want to disappear into my own little world. That’s the best part of my gym membership is that it includes the kids room so I can let my youngins annoy the paid babysitters and get some well deserved ME time.

Don’t get me wrong, you know I love doing things with my kids, but it seems like we are always doing things and never just being together and that gets old too sometimes. We’ve become slaves to the calendar and are negotiating our free minutes with whether to do housework or enjoy a goddamned mug of coffee on the couch.

Maybe it’s the sugar induced hormonal imbalance talking, sorry if I sound like Debbie Downer. I have been having so much fun with family and friends, that the rollercoaster of sugar rush (or liquor rush, or nachos rush) followed by the huge CRASH just feels worse and worse each time. Halloween was a blast yesterday, we got some decent trick-or-treating in even though mother nature was a hot mess, and the scariest part was I decided not to count calories for one whole day…..BOO!!

Par for the course I feel craptastic today. Tired, irritable, and my innards are fricken confused. Going to the surgeon in three weeks and maybe I need another tiny fill to keep me going. Or maybe I just need to not eat shit and be good to myself. Either way thank you so much October for a Wedding/Homecoming/Halloween weight plateau. (No gain, no loss)

Monday is 8 months. Holy shit.

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  1. I had one too many (okay maybe 3) Reese's yesterday because they just are so yummy and band friendly!! Like you, I had a crappy food-coma day from hell to pay for it today. When will I decide it's not worth it BEFORE I do it instead of after?!?!