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Monday, November 18


I have no words for this week. I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is that maybe if I write I will start to self-administer some resemblance of sanity again.

My insides are haywire. Without going into too much detail, there are parts of me that seem to have lost…um…momentum? I knew that I would have to really watch my nutritional levels but really, with as stressed as I have been, my dinner becomes Chicago mix popcorn and coffee and well, that seems to operate like a Swiss bank, it goes in and stays in.

I’ve always been sort of touchy anyways, who am I kidding I’m a real hot mess, but I’m completely out of sorts right now. Everything and everyone is aggravating me. I’ve lost my tolerance for bullshit. My torso is clenched up hard and my core is saying oh hell no.

The scale is not cooperating. is a big fat liar. It tells me every damn day when I complete my entry that in 5 weeks I will weigh…xyz…and I KNOW it has been at least 5 weeks and I aint seeing that number the great weight loss app oracle is predicting. C’mon!! All I want for Christmas is to lose 5 lbs…too much to ask?? I’m sweating my ass off doing Latin dance and making my daily calorie goal. 1 + 1 = 2, right??

The kids at school are going ape. Mother nature is off her meds. It’s warm one day and cold the next. My adult-onset cradle cap is going fricking crazy. Four more days of school until we are on Thanksgiving break. No, I know we didn’t used to have that when we were kids. No, we aren’t spoiled.

And to top it all off….to pour some good old Morton’s into my wounds….I had to miss Zumba tonight because some jack ass stopped in front of me and I rear-ended him!! My ONE non medicinal stress reliever taken away in an instant.

Can I just strap on my CRAP machine and wake up on Dec 24? K, thanks, bye.

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