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Thursday, November 7

Spin Cycle

It’s been a long ass week once again. My mind, body, and soul are screaming at me to just rest already but it’s just impossible to do. My daughter bit the dust on the way to school on Monday and has a scab covering her whole nose and looks like Rudolph. I was supposed to get observed at school on Tuesday but a student barfed all over the classroom and we had to evacuate to the computer lab and it was postponed. I did get observed on Wednesday and am not entirely confident about it for reasons that are to remain out of this public blog. It’s been cold, and it gets dark at 5 o’clock, and I am behind on the housework once again.

Hey you, smokers, I know how you feel. Not because I smoke, but because for the past two nights I have had coffee and chips for dinner. I UNDERSTAND.  Just opening the bag and smelling the nacho cheese powder immediately calms me. That first crunchy bite slows my reflexes. After a handful (or two) I’m feeling buzzed. I shit you not…BUZZED.

Here is the positive if there is one: both nights I have gone to the gym and worked my butt off to undo the damage. Both nights I was under my daily calorie goal of 999 after adding back in my cardio.  I guess what really matters is that I am moving but to be honest yesterday I did my standard 3 mile walk/jog and felt so uninspired like I was on a hamster wheel. Pandora wasn’t cutting it and I wanted to tell the voice on my 5K runner app to go to hell. So today I decided to be spontaneous and try a spinning class.

Holy. Hell.

Let me start by saying I have not been on a bike in over 5 years when I did a spin class at Lifetime Fitness when I worked there in the babysitting room.

Here is the paradox of group cycle…

When you are sitting your whole ass and crotch hurts like hell so bad you just want to stand up and relieve the pressure.
When the instructor has you stand and pedal your legs hurt so bad you are begging to get your ass back on that seat.
So dark the con of man.

But I stayed on the bike for 48 minutes. I sure as hell did not follow most of the routine but I stayed on the bike!! And I worked off my Dorito dinner and got my mind off of life for a while all at the same time. And I'm pretty sure that the scale moved this week we shall see. 

How the hell does someone with testicles attempt this feat??? Drugs or not, Lance Armstrong is my hero.

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  1. I tried spin a few times when I lived in Japan and seriously believe they should invest in gel seats! I was hurting like hell and my body is much more padded then the rest of the class. How can people actually love going to that class?!?! Awesome workout but pure torture. Way to endure!!