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Thursday, November 28


Where do I even begin?

At the beginning I suppose.

Last year at this time I was drowning. Suffocating in my own skin.

I was hoping, praying, and believing that so much more was possible. I was desperate and crying for help knowing that no one could help me but myself.

And then I did it. I held my breath and I swam with all my might.  In a such a short time I started to see the sky above the water, my eyes became unblurred. My lungs screamed.

I surfaced and for the first time in years I could breath again.

Last year I made a list of things I was Thankful for. My family, my job, and et cetra, et cetra.

Today I am thankful for one thing and one thing only. Because without this one thing you don’t have the others anyway. They may be there around you, but you are not able to see them clearly. You are not able to appreciate them, or cherish them.

My health.

I am thankful that I can breath. I am thankful that I can run. I am thankful that I can carry. I am thankful that my blood is pumping and that my liver is filtering and my mind is racing and my heart is loving.

I am alive. And I am so very THANKFUL.

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