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Thursday, December 12

Coats are Red, Skinnys are Blue

Maybe it’s the freezing cold, which is affecting my ability to rationalize, but today I purchased my first pair of “Rock Star” skinny jeans. They even have a tiny gold zipper at each ankle. Shit just got real.

I mean, seriously, I know that I could have probably found a pair back when I was size 22 (did I just write that publicly? Oh who gives a shit you know what I used to look like…) but I’m from the camp that says just because an item is available in plus size does not mean it should be WORN by plus size. And I am still stuck back a decade where boot cut was where curvy girls were at because skinny jeans served no other purpose other than to make your ass look huge. C’mon, we all watched What Not to Wear and remember Stacy and Clinton’s rules about buying jeans.

But I figured, I am wearing leggings at least a few times a week so that’s pretty much the same thing, and I am pairing them appropriately with tops long enough to conceal my fear of the slightest possibility of camel-toe…so…what could it hurt to try a pair of skinnys? I’m wearing boots now and even though that’s what boot cut jeans were invented for, no one actually wears them UNDER anymore and shoving all that extra material into a boot your calf barely fucking fits into is not going to work.

As much as I am loving both the new clothes as well as the old clothes I had stashed away that had seen better days, I am in constant clothing conflict. I am still learning and a part of me is still skeptical that I can pull off different things now. Prime example is that while we were shopping downtown the weekend after Thanksgiving I saw a red North Face coat I just had to have. It fit fine, I only needed a large, and I loved it in my favorite color. The color of roses and cardinals. But….a RED COAT? Without being in the British military could I really wear that out in public and not look like a cranberry gone rabid? Does anyone wear a red coat??

Well, the answer is yes, I do. I get my ass to Zumba three times a week and I count the calories in even lettuce, and I blog, and I attend my nutrition and support meetings and yes I wear a goddamned red coat. Did I already say it was the color of roses and cardinals?

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  1. Rock that red coat and your skinny jeans girl!