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Wednesday, December 4


Today I have had my band for 9 months.
9 months is a pregnancy, which I have done twice. Both times I created new life. This time I created a new life for ME. Both are equally rewarding but the later makes the former even more rewarding.
I only lost 2 lbs. this month. Ugh!!
I did not gain any lbs. this month. Whoopie!!
5 out of 7 days a week I am hitting my calorie goal of 1000-1200….but…
I am eating too much junk food and not enough healthy food.
For example, my breakfast today was pretzels and port-wine cheese because I was too lazy to make scrambled eggs. I blame the gloomy weather.
I am getting my butt to Zumba about three times a week burning 700 cals each time.
My body is stronger than it has been in the last decade.
My hip muscles, the ones under my love handles, are constantly sore from all the body rolls and twerking.
After the Holidays I need to add in some jogging training again for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in March.
March will also be my 1-year bandiversary and my 36th birthday.
Holy Crap.
I need to loose ONLY 2 MORE POUNDS to break 70 for the new year.

Let’s do this, December.

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