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Tuesday, December 24

Ho, Ho, H0

T’was the night before Christmas …

How does time go by so quickly? It seems like you blink your eyes and BAM! Another year has gone by.
Last year I was asking Santa for my surgery. Desperate and hopefully I was crying myself to sleep and praying that everything would go okay and I could look forward to a new life in 2013. But as we all come to find when we grow up, Santa doesn’t exist in the real world. We ask him for gifts, just as we pray to the Father. But at the end of the day, SANTA LIVES IN US.
My third-grader informed me this year that third-graders do not believe in Santa any more. I can’t argue with him, he’s one of those A-types that if the puzzle pieces don’t fit he can’t see the picture. So I told him that no, Santa is not real, as the physical man that rides a magical sleigh from the North Pole. But, that Santa IS real as the Spirit of Christmas. Santa lives in each one of us during the Holidays in the spirit of giving to others, and the belief that if you ask and believe, you shall receive. He is as real as Jesus is real, a spirit to guide us, to fulfill us, to provide.
As parents we spend thousands getting gifts ready for our loved ones. We seek out and find the things they most desire and wrap them up in pretty packages. The joy in their faces when they see their gift makes the whole process well worth the hassle. We grow up to become Santa, we become the Spirit. HE LIVES IN US.
Merry Christmas to all my family and friends who have been there for me this past year. I encourage you all to look inside yourself, find Santa, find the Spirit and HE will provide.

Believe and you will receive.

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