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Saturday, December 28

The End

Top Ten Things I learned in 2013:
1.     Zumba is all about the shoes.
2.     Running is all about the playlist.
3.     Runners do NOT wear underwear.
4.     Scars are sexy.
5.     Selfies are stupid but addicting.
6.     #soarehashtags
7.     Peanut butter protein in a chocolate protein shake tastes like a Reece’s.
8.     Chicken soup protein shakes taste like vomit.
9.     Doritos are basically a street drug the DARE cop didn’t mention.
10. I can play soccer…..and guitar.

Top Ten Things I want to accomplish in 2014:
1.     Try a 40 days whole foods/paleo diet.
2.     Wear a bikini (I use this term loosely: a midriff-baring two piece bathing suit) at the hotel in Disney where no one knows me.
3.     Get a bikini wax (see #2)
4.     Get down to “overweight” instead of “obese.” (Lose 25 more lbs.)
5.     Jog a full 5K  ( or 3/5 miles at the Shamrock Shuffle in March)
6.     Cut my hair for Locks of Love
7.     Go off the diving board at our community pool and not need the lifeguard or embarrass my children.
8.     Finally finish reading “The Hunger Games” , read the “Divergent” Series…and at least 10 more new books…
9.     Complete a 30-day squat challenge.

10.   Start a volleyball team.

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  1. Love your lists!! Especially the one about Doritos and the one about reading the Hunger Games and Divergent series! I'm a geek about books :)