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Wednesday, January 1


What a difference a year makes!
We made it. Another year has gone by and it was quite the year for our family. I honestly can’t say that there were any terrible hardships or any deep valleys, which is amazing but also kinda concerns me. I know that things can’t always be high and wonderful. I hope that 2014 takes it easy on us for that reason. 

IN 2013:
I got banded!! And turned 35!!
Vinny’s made his First Communion
We were in 2 family weddings
We went to our first Cubs/Sox crosstown classic (Cubs won =( )
Kids had a birthday party at Glo Golf
We road tripped out east to visit the in-laws and Myrtle Beach
We saw NKOTB!!
We saw Kid Rock/ZZ Tops
Celebrated 11 years downtown at “Book of Mormon” the musical
Went camping at Yogi Bear
Went to the Nascar Race
Cardinal Homecoming…15 years since me and BW met
Dressed as Rum and Coke for Halloween
First time at Barnum and Bailey Circus
My first Blackhawks hockey game
Participated in my first Hot Chocolate 5K

I’m sure there is more but since I’m still in a New Year’s Eve food coma I can’t think of anything else.
Which brings me to another more serious and gross realization. I gained 5 lbs since Chrstmas Eve. I’m pretending that it’s more like 2.5 pounds of gain and 2.5 pounds of water and salt retention, so I know I can knock it off this week if I behave, but really, now that I’m smaller, that 5 pounds only makes my usual 4 monther belly look 7 months. And I feel completely disgusting and disgusted as well. Too many sliders (not White Castle people, I’m talking band-sliders such as chips, pretzels, cookies, big macs, just sayin’) that went down so remarkable well are now laughing at me stepping on the scale. 

Okay, what’s done is done, I put on my big-girl panties (RED for New Year’s Eve) and am starting the year off with a running start. This year it’s not just about losing weight anymore, it’s about not eating shit anymore. It’s not about getting moving anymore, it’s about keeping my momentum.

Last year I got my life back. This year I live it.

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