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Sunday, January 26

Pinning Queen

I have been so damn good at getting to the gym. I have been fricken amazing at eating well. But when I get lazy I get super lazy and that’s no lie. My table is covered with school papers, lunchboxes, and craft supplies. Our clothes are fresh and clean but (cringe) still in the laundry basket (but folded!!). I see a tiny dust-bunny under my TV stand and I don’t care. Why? Because I’m on Pinterest, that’s why! Don’t judge!!

There is something crazy gratifying about just sitting on your ass pinning everything from meals, to jokes, to outfits, to hot bodies (I've identified Channing as Dean's 20 year younger brother from another mother). I have the “Divergent” book series ready to go and don’t feel like cracking them open because I would rather sit and pin on my macbook. As a parent and teacher we spend hours trying to get our kids off of technology and on to doing something constructive, but as a working mom I can’t blame them. Technology is just so fun and addicting!!

Pinterest Mexican Quinoa
MY Mexican Quinoa
Here is the good news. I tried not one, but two new things that I pinned this month. I very rarely replicate something that I see. Even in my what seems like a hundred cookbooks in my kitchen, I just like to look at the pictures and then make something close the way I like it. But I thought, well hey, if I am spending all this time pinning, I should try something new that I see at least once a week. Okay that was too over-zealous, I did two this month and here was the outcome.

1.     Mexican Quinoa: I don’t know what the eff is in the recipe from Pinterest. I never even clicked on the pin to get to the website. I looked at the picture and said, looks like corn and beans to me! So that’s what I made. Mine was delicious too and warms up well since you have to make about 6 cups of it. Healthy and tons of protein. This was a win.

Pinterest Outfit
MY Outfit
2.    Denim-Shirt Outfit: I have seen this outfit in a few variations and just invested in my brown boots so I sent my husband to Old Navy in search of a denim shirt on his day off and the lucky bastard actually found one for me. Easy as 1-2-3 I made my ensemble and got many complements on it at a kid’s birthday party this Sunday. “It’s my Pinterest outfit,” I replied with a wink. Another win. I need to do this more often.

So maybe Pinterst does know something we don’t know. And maybe it is an educational resource. It’s good for my diet and it’s good for my fashion sense. Now if I could only get myself to commit to one of the 30-day Squat Challenges I have been pinning. Ugh. There is always February.


  1. So much better than the denim shirt you saw with me! LOL

  2. LOVE that outfit!!! I can't wait to fit into boots like that haha. And I don't judge you in the slightest, I too am addicted to Pinterest. At least we admit it ;)