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Monday, February 24


It’s Monday.

Monday sucks. We go back to work. We wake up early. We are faced with the week ahead’s crazy agendas. But Monday is also a new beginning. Back to the old grind. How many times have you said, “I’ll start on Monday!” Well….Monday is here.

I want to lose 3 lbs this week. Is that too much to ask?? Next Tuesday, T-minus 8 days, is my one year and I want to hit the 75 lb mark. I’m going to accomplish this by really watching what is going in my mouth the next few days. I used to be one of those “a calorie is a calorie” which works when you are losing weight and you are over 200 lbs, but now at my current weight a calorie isn’t a calorie, it matters what that calorie is.  So I took the initiative and went to Jewel last night after the kids went to bed, when the store was quiet and peaceful, and I filled my cart with healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, and skinny pop popcorn. I have my Dad’s vegetable crust less quiche on hand, made Mediterranean Quinoa to keep in the fridge, and have the fixings for a nice chicken salad too, and an assortment of Healthy Request soups. I have the ammo and I’m packing.

My fitness goals this week are to hit the gym 4 times. I don’t think I can completely stop doing Zumba, even though extreme cardio is what I’m finding to be anti-weight loss on the internet, because it makes my heart happy to bump and grind on an average night. Plus, I have been asked to participate in an adult co-ed soccer team this summer and I need my endurance up because they plan on making me a mid-field runner (or whatever that position is called). Volleyball is on hold until the fall but that’s okay, as a Soccer Mom I might as well get to know the sport! Ironically, I have NEVER been on a recreational sports team before. This is new territory, and I don’t want to look like an ass out there…so in addition to Zumba, I want to add in some jogs, not 50 minute sweat sessions, but good healthy quick jogs to get the heart going and then I’m going to strength train. Do squats and crunches. That kinda thing.

One thing I did remember from my hazy high school PE class is on Mondays we had “circuit” up in the weight room. I would actually exert myself enough to dress on those days and participate (don’t judge), and I did remember how the first day we had to take a max for all the machines and then use a percentage of that for our reps. A little google digging and it looks like 60-65% is the magic number for how much weight to lift. See, high school PE did pay off. Thank a PE teacher today!

Time to get rolling.

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