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Thursday, February 6


Haven’t done one of these in a while so what the hell? In no particular order…

1.     Tonight my kids had author Aaron Reynolds at their school. It is amazing to me how words impact and inspire people. Whether you are writing books, or an online blog, or love notes to your bebe… do you inspire others with your words?
2.     Every waking moment of every day I am reminded how much I love the man that I am lucky to call my Hubs. He is absolutely amazing and selfless. No, it’s not fair that other people’s transgressions have to be the reminders to me, but that’s how it works. If you are lucky in love, you have won the lottery.
3.     The girl who won the Biggest Loser looks emaciated. I understand that it’s a weight loss competition, but when your winner is not a role model of health that is a problem in my opinion. With the same starting weight as the winner, I’m not even going to pretend I don’t wish I could lose that much weight. But really, in all honesty, if I ever look like that broad with arms so skinny you can read the newspaper through them, lock me in a room with a cheeseburger and make me eat it. Albeit in little pieces, because I do have a Lap-Band after all.
4.     Congrats to my friends that have surgery dates coming up in the next few months. It’s an incredible journey, that’s for sure.
5.     I am now at the 11-month mark. How am I celebrating the big 1? With lots of laughter and love. Friendship and family. Oh, and a jewelry party, and an overnight downtown Chicago after an evening of clubbing. Yes clubbing. Don’t judge.
6.     Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m slightly overly geekily excited about one of my favorite Holidays. Don’t give a rat’s furry ass if Hallmark slightly elaborated on the day to make people buy shit. It worked, and I am a sucker for hearts and flowers. And chocolates that come in a red velvet box. I have very specific plans for the event that will result in two phases. Phase 1 is our family date night. Phase 2 is not for the faint of heart.
7.     So I know Walt Disney sits at the right hand of the Father…but WTF…does anyone see the irony in our very worst winter ever coinciding with the release of the new Blockbuster movie “Frozen” produced by the mouse? Hmmm….
8.     Made it to the gym already three times this week and two days left to go. There are three different Zumba instructors and I love what each ones brings to the table. I feel amazing when I’m done. It’s kinda like Heaven, but with twerking.
9.     If I EVER find myself having to date again purely for financial reasons, I am swearing off technology completely. I have seen some unspeakable things this week.

10. I am cold. That is all.

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