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Saturday, March 29

Airing our Dirty Laundry

It’s been said that if you are someone with addictive behaviors you will ALWAYS be someone with addictive behaviors. Those people with especially unhealthy ones then find something else to substitute with when they are working past the addiction. This is called transfer addiction. For example, recovering alcoholics tend to become gamblers or shopping addicts, and recovering food addicts typically become alcoholics. Luckily I don’t have the alcoholism gene I wrote my eighth grade term paper on in gifted English class.

But addictions I do have. For example, today I decide to clean out my underwear drawers (plural) and find that I have over 70 pairs. This means I am either extremely prepared for the zombie apocalypse, or I am crazy. Because I also have some OCD characteristics in addition to the addictive behaviors, they are separated by category, then by color and fabric. I almost laid them all out on my bed and took a picture for reference but then decided I am too private a person for that.

I overcame my fast food addiction by switching to chips and pretzels, and then overcame that addiction by switching to skinny pop. I am now working on overcoming the skinny pop addiction by switching to ice coffee with a side of air molecules.

Dreaming of beaches...
So why can’t we be addicted to say…broccoli? Or scrubbing toilets? What makes addictions lean toward things that get in the way of your best life? I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of those underwear have seen my best life not gonna lie, but really  what possesses someone to keep up with something so nonsensical? What would be so bad about being addicted to excessive exercise?

I suppose if I had the answer to that I would be a shrink and not a teacher. And then I wouldn’t be on my paid Spring Break right now. Excuse me... I have a taste for air molecules.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing recently ... why do I feel an addiction towards sugar? I gave it up a few weeks ago, yet I still feel an affinity for it and maybe even being a bit stalker-ish when it is nearby. Yet, I could care less about asparagus. Sigh.