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Friday, March 28

Friday Funnies

TGIF!! And to make things even better SPRING BREAK is starting bitches!! If you think this is unfair please review clause number I chose my career you chose yours! That being said I can’t wait for a week off to just lolly gag and do whatever the hell I want for a week. With all the shitty weather we have been having, all my trips in and out every day, I’m exhausted big time. This does not mean however I am in any way shape or form prepared to keep my kids entertained all week. Luckily my husband is taking a few days off to help me ring them in. If only we were able to wear shorts and tank tops like NORMAL people on spring break it would be fricken awesome.

Things continue to move along with everything else as well. My son did a digestion unit at school and it was cool to explain to him my new physiology using the egg timer he got at the dentist’s office to brush his teeth. And I am learning new things every day too. Like how snacking really is my demise. I still have a goal to reach and I need to do a better job of getting that to happen without the unnecessary use of kale chips which I STILL have a nasty taste in my mouth from. Seriously, I never ate something so vile!

In fact, we decided as a family that instead of time outs and discipline at home, whoever acts like an ass has to eat a kale chip as a punishment. Including me if I break my Lent and eat a chip or French fry. I foresee things going a lot smoothly at home from now on.

But the best news of all is that 2 more pounds and I will be in a weight bracket I haven’t seen since 2002!!! My husband just went to lunch with a friend from work who saw my pic and said he now knows why my husband has to start working out….to “beat off” all the men looking at me. This is too funny because we have a philosophy of flattery instead of jealousy. We WANT other adults to look at us and think we look like a good hook-up…it’s a compliment to the other one of us. I mean, who wants to be with someone that just looks okay…right. In fact when I feel like my boobs are bursting out at the gym in my 70 dollar Under Armour sports bra, instead of telling me to cover up I see the pride in his eyes. And that my friends is real love.

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