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Sunday, March 16

Spring Chicken

My birthday came and went and was full of surprises as expected. I got all the things I asked for, Under Armour garb, new running shoes, Old Navy money, and a bitchin’ 12 oz. superman mug from my nephews. It was a fabulous day. And then my co-workers took me out. I drank beer after beer while we talked shit and told secrets from our younger days, and had a few shots specific for girls celebrating birthdays (just picture the whipped cream!) and by the end of the night I had to basically be carried home by my strapping younger man. It was epic and fantastic and I felt young and fun in a mundane life.

Then Friday came and I was down for the count. I couldn’t leave my bathroom until about 1pm with everyone laughing at me saying I needed to suck it up. But the hangover won this game and I finally was able to fall asleep for a few hours. My mother came to my rescue with a pill to put under my tongue to stop the nausea.  My kids were fricken saints that day, taking care of themselves, keeping quiet and checking on me to see if I was still alive. They both earned a trip to Toys R Us for it too.

So here I am in a one-year-older body and what have I learned? That as I have said before numerous times, I am still me inside but no longer the same outside. I am still teetering on the scale, as soon as I had solid foods again, I re-gained those two magical pounds I had lost as expected. Gain and lose, gain and lose, over and over like the swinging of a pendulum. I am constantly trying to make peace with the fact that this just might be my size. That even as a curvy college girl I could starve down to a 10 but really my curves kept me at a voluptuous 12-14. So why would I think things would be different today? After two kids and parts of me that won’t go down with any amount of exercise and dieting why can’t I be rational and just BE who I am and LET IT GO? (cue the song from Frozen).

In other news it was time for another Good Will give away from my closet and drawers. I bought myself a bunch of new bras that help my girls out significantly since the weight loss only hindered their appearance. If my signature is T and A then I have to represent after all. I may not be from Jersey Shore but Chicago is not that far removed. And I mean, what the hell, I’m happily married and getting the goods in the right place makes my torso look that much better. Here is the BEST part too, since I am smaller I can now indulge in a two pack of push-ups for under 20 bucks at the local discount retailer. Amazing!! This is by far one of the best PERKS of loosing weight (pun intended). I mean look at this dress for 3 BUCKS I scored on the discount rack at K-mart! (don't judge the blue light special) Don’t know where I will wear it but it was 3 BUCKS and that does NOT happen when you are plus sized……


And its high time I believe that…

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