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Saturday, April 12

80 is GREAT-y

And sometimes, just sometimes, a lot of hard work and discipline totally pays off.

Today I hit 80 lbs LOSS….I can’t even believe it. When people ask how much I have lost I don’t have to say seventy-something. I can say eighty. Just eighty.

I totally attribute these five pounds since my 1-year in March to the absence of chips and popcorn in my diet. That shit is just not good for me, even if I’m counting every calorie in every kernel. Sure, I’m still having some here and there, but they are no longer a staple in my daily diet, taking the place of healthier snack options.

I am not perfect though, and never have been, that is very important to note. For example, my daughter found a contraband bag of Ruffles potato chips in the armrest of my car, with three missing. “You broke your lent!” she said, followed by, “oh well, pray to Jesus so you are forgiven.” Sometimes, it’s great to be Catholic.

Those chips lasted a full week, and I’m talking the little bag from the checkout at Jewel. I had been eyeing them for awhile, Buffalo Chicken flavor (Buffalo Wild Wings sauce at that!) and finally I gave in and threw them on the belt like an underage teenager buying a pack of cigs. Each day, I would take a few out when I got in my car, and nervously looking out the window I would eat them.

Then there was the fish sandwich. Yes, the fish sandwich was an EVENT. Took my kids to McD’s like I do every Thursday after Piano lessons. Usually I would get a grilled chicken salad, or wrap (tortillas don’t go down well anymore) but since then I have stopped ordering to opt for something healthier at home. When we got in the car, my kids find a burger in the bag! No way I think, it must be a mirage. Sure as shit when we get home there is a hot and steamy Filet-o-Fish in the goddamned bag. I had two choices here, throw it right away, or just take a bite. I ended up sucking that whole thing down in about three bites, each one just as tasty, juicy, and tarter-saucy as the next. I stared at the empty container a whole two minutes later and felt….conflicted. And pissed. And out of control. Not to mention curious how I can get stuck on a piece of Chinese chicken on Wednesday and eat a whole friggin fish sandwich on a bun on Thursday.

The good news is that since my system hadn’t seen that much grease in weeks, it expedited itself out of my system the next morning in a fury. The scale didn’t even budge. I was spared. This time. Friday I made up for it with a vegetarian menu and a two mile jog around my neighborhood. And here we are today.

Sure, we all have to remember that having a full life sometimes means a cookie here and there…but as I get closer and closer to my goal I think if I can just be that much more disciplined until then, maybe I can enjoy a treat here and there. For now the reward of fattening foods just doesn’t outweigh the risks. Onward ho.

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